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Who's She?

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We’re Bringing Back Board Games with This GoGirl-approved Guessing Game for the Entire Family

Guess what?  Female Polish board game designer Zuzia Kozerska (finally!) developed the female version of the cult-classic 70s board game “Guess Who?” that honors the world’s most distinguished, accomplished, and esteemed women – in all fields – throughout history. And, even boys can get in on the game!


    Guessing game Who’s She? commemorates the ground-breaking, game-changing achievements of the world’s most illustrious “GoGirls.” With a birchwood, laser-cut board that flips up to aptly display the striking, diverse faces of 28 venerated women, including artists, athletes, scientists, astronauts, and more, the two-player tabletop Who’s She? features 20th-century painter Frida Kahlo, to contemporary tennis star Serena Williams, to fearless flyer Amelia Earhart. The entire game is beautifully depicted using eye-catching watercolor illustrations by artist Daria Golab.

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    Inspired by the popular board game Guess Who? Warsaw-based board game company Playeress gives the 70s classic a much-needed makeover. “Instead of superficial questions, like ‘Does your character have glasses?’ the game questions characters’ notable achievements and contributions, such as “Did she win a Nobel Peace Prize?” asserts Kozerska, creator of Who’s She?. Apparently, its predecessor prompted controversy with just 6 out of 24 characters on the board being female and only one being non-Caucasian. Developed to empower a younger generation of girls, the board game’s characters come replete with their own biography card containing fun facts and intriguing anecdotes about their lives and successes. Who’s She? highlights triumphant, wow-worthy women who have taken great strides and risks in the midst of adversity and opposition, including innovative women who’ve made world-changing discoveries, inventions, and scientific theories. “The triumphs, adventures, discoveries, and inventions will inspire you to dream bigger and take risks,” hopes Playeress founder and creator Kozerska. “In the game, we’ve put female profession names where possible to show that girls can do ANYTHING. Inventress, discoveress, empress, paintress…” You get the picture.

    The female-forward, hand-crafted creation was showcased at Switzerland’s last Lean In conference, Dream. Dare. Do., where they hosted the visionary of the board game, Kozerska, herself. The guessing-based board game dominated social media platforms on International Day of the Girl Child, whose tireless mission is to “highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.”

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    Kozerska’s hope is that boys, too, will want to play the game to learn more about their multi-talented, multi-cultured counterparts. After receiving a benevolent 3,300% funding from interested backers and believers on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the soon-to-be cult-classic is finally available for order and comes in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish languages.  Currently, the Who's She? staff comprises of foundress Kozerska and 6 dedicated team players, 85% of which are women, who work untiringly each day to assemble and ship the girl game from their Warsaw workshop across the world.


Looks like they’re not playing any games.  Have fun, GoGirls!

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