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Luisa Diaz Brown, the sexy, Spanish-speaking former beauty queen, author, producer, TV Host and philanthropist can also add Mrs. New York Ambassador to her growing list of notable accomplishments. The former Miss Venezuela International is best-known in North Carolina as “Luisa su voz Latina” (Luisa, your Latin voice), where she was host and producer of the very first and longest running Spanish language television program produced and distributed by a major network.  The Sexy is Timeless podcast host and creator and founder of The Luisa Diaz Brown Foundation, a charitable organization that supports other nonprofits and individuals who are making a direct and positive impact in helping others and their communities through random acts of kindness, was officially crowned Ms. New York Ambassador for FoRe Women/Safe Passage Heals on August 18th at a star-studded event attended by celebrities, television and film personalities, and other movers-and-shakers in entertainment and media, including GoGirl Worldwide Magazine.  Diaz, in her true, bubbly, vivacious fashion, brought down the house and our very own GoGirl CEO/Founder, Jennifer Murphy, was there to capture all the well-deserved glitz and glam surrounding her longtime friend. 

For years, Luisa worked tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of others, primarily by spreading acts of kindness and working to empower women through her Luisa Diaz Brown Foundation, which she founded in 2020.  Her book and podcast by the same name, Sexy is Timeless: Ten Timeless Sexy Assets That Lie Within You, thoughtfully reminds women to never forget how beautiful and worthy they are – every day.  The fun, refreshing read offers inspiring and valuable insights on how women can use their innate sex appeal to achieve their goals, while still making a difference in the lives of others.  After all, the “new” sexy embodies an educated woman who is unapologetically confident and unabashedly driven. “She remains feminine because she knows femininity is not a weakness, BUT a strength…and she practices kindness through giving back to her community.” - Luisa Diaz Brown

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The Luisa Diaz Brown Foundation and the Mi Amor Gala


For years, Luisa has worked tirelessly to spread kindness and empower women through her nonprofit organization, The Luisa Diaz Foundation, made famous by her overarching theme, “Kindness is Cool.”  In addition to organizing a myriad of food drives and supporting the annual holiday child charity drive, “Toys for Tots,” the Foundation has been instrumental in founding the celebrity-beloved, Mi Amor Gala, an annual benefit and fashion show that seeks to fundraise for Safe Passage, a special nonprofit that helps empower women “with broken wings” and those who have been victimized by domestic violence by assisting them with resources to heal, get back on their feet, reclaim their identity, and break the cycle of domestic abuse.  The Mi Amor Gala just celebrated their 5th anniversary.  


Because of Luisa’s continued body of advocacy work and dedication to helping others, she was officially crowned Ms. New York Ambassador for FoRe Women/ Safe Passage Heals- Crowned in Glory - at the beautiful, landmark Four Season Hotel Los Angeles in the heart of Beverly Hills. Luisa’s newly acquired role as Ambassador will be to continue bringing awareness and support to the Safe Passage Heals Foundation, founded by domestic abuse survivor, author, and GoGirl Trish Steele.  The enduring mission of Safe Passage Heals is to:

“To break the cycle of domestic abuse by healing and empowering women and their children, enabling them to live new, safe and productive lives.”

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Birds of a Feather…


The sensational Latina has been close friends and altruistic allies with another former beauty queen, social media sensation, Jennifer Murphy “GoGirl,” for over fifteen years.  The two GoGirls met in Los Angeles and Jennifer was instantly inspired by Luisa’s unwavering passion for making a positive impact and sprinkling sunshine wherever she went, while never losing sight of her own goals and dreams, pursuing both with fierce determination and staunch confidence.  The eloquent talk show host once said to Jennifer, “Darling, if you want to make something happen, you need to become your own producer.”  That thought-provoking statement left a lasting effect on Jennifer, who went on to found GoGirl Worldwide and produce hundreds of popular videos and countless events in media, marketing, and branding.   

Luisa is a true GoGirl whose indisputable ripple effect on the lives of others has no limits.  And, for that we say, “You GoGirl!”


Luisa resides in New York City with her husband.  When Luisa is not hosting her podcast show or working on her many efforts to empower women, she enjoys traveling with her husband to beautiful and adventurous destinations all over the world. 

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Luisa Diaz Brown Crowned Mrs. New York Ambassador for FoRe!

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