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The Wing

Wants to Get in Your Space

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With an original mission to richly embolden professional, social, and economic advancement of women through diverse community, unorthodox convention, and unabashed conversation, The Wing proves upward mobility — and financial success — is entirely possible.

Like a secret sanctuary of sorts, designed exclusively for the fiercest of females in mind (men are forbidden entry - not even to report or take pictures for publications), NYC-based The Wing was started by two working women and partners-in-crime, Lauren Kassan and Audrey Gelman, who collectively sought creating a women’s-only co-working space to inspire, empower, elevate, and unify women from all walks of life, creeds, and colors.

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ith a fast-growing membership of roughly 1,500 women (and more on a waiting list), plus an annual fee of $2300-$2700, The Wing opened its third location in Brooklyn’s Dumbo district last


February and boasts an enviable, diverse association of entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, teachers, microbiologists, fashion/ marketing execs, including the occasional Scent Technologist.

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    Founders Kassan and Gelman recently headlined Business Insider after raising a brag-worthy $75 million in a Series C led by Sequoia Capital’s partner Jess Lee, former CEO of Polyvore, along with the noteworthy participation from Upfront Ventures, Airnb, and existing investors at NEA and WeWork. Overall, the ladies-only co-working space has effectively garnered $117 million since its start-up in 2016. “The Wing is more than a company, it’s a phenomenon...We’re excited to partner with The Wing on growing its footprint globally in the physical realm and into the digital realm,” says Lee.

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More like a five-star country club retreat with a welcoming urban edge, the newest 10,000-square foot locale features these unexpected, luxe-like amenities:

Vintage photo booth
Clandestine, retro telephone       booths hidden inside bookshelves
A peaceful, proliferated library     filled entirely with books by   female  authors, all curated   exclusively by women-owned The   Strand
A full-service gym, including   weight room, yoga, barre, and   fitness classrooms where members   can invite their own personal   instructors
A private pump room for   breastfeeding mothers
Fully-stocked and spacious   showers, bathrooms, and vanities   to primp and prep for your next   power meeting or event
Fully-equipped recording and   podcast studio

Meditation, reading, meeting,   and nap-time rooms

Bustling café and coffee bar   serving smoothies, teas/coffees,   and breakfast and lunch items

The Wing-4a-b.jpg

Gelman, who was a junior aide during Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, envisions The Wing as a natural progression, as well as, a diversion from her political background. “I love getting to do this right now because it’s advancing the values and issues that I care about, but doing it outside politics.” While new membership tiers, offers, and scholarships are currently in the works, Gelman and Kassan are humbled by the unanticipated, ardent demand for membership that The Wing continues to draw. Kassan, The Wing’s COO, was motivated to create a space for women after years of working a job that always had her on-the-go, leaving her to steal to random public bathrooms around the City to freshen up and change outfits. She knew she needed to create a safe, clean space that catered to the challenging needs of working women everywhere. “For me, it’s really about the community that can come out of this space. The original idea of having a space of convenience – but also creating a space that you can meet new women.”

The Wing is thrilled to launch its latest location in Washington, D. C. this spring.

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