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Valerie Sheppard

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GoGirl Founder/CEO female-empowering emissary extraordinaire Jennifer Murphy caught up with bestselling author, life coach, and keynote motivational speaker Valerie Sheppard to discuss her latest inspirational ventures. And, unsurprisingly, it’s full of heart…and happiness!

    Despite her endless Barbie Jeep blunders, Jennifer was finally able to make her meeting with Valerie Sheppard for a GoGirl-to-GoGirl chat about creating peace and positivity within your life, regardless of the unceremonious curveballs you’re thrown. Take a look at some of these sage takeaways from their exclusive, light-hearted meet-up. You’ll definitely want to make some mental notes!

    The life coach for aspiring, young entrepreneurs and teachers, and reformed corporate ladder climber, Valerie is the Amazon bestselling author of “Living Happy to Be Me: Dancing Your Soul Lightstyle.” The current keynote motivational speaker and lecturer at the University of California – Irvine recommends that if you’re feeling a little “off,” burnt-out, or disenchanted with what’s going on in your life, whether, on a professional, spiritual, or personal level, it’s best to “stay the course” and not ever give up because there are opportunities around every corner. But, most importantly, staying in the highest vibration possible – the attitude of gratitude – is the absolute, most significant stand you can take away from ANY situation. Always choose happiness and look for that proverbial silver lining in every circumstance, because it is invariably there. And, don’t be afraid to make some leaps and bounds by making necessary changes – no matter how scary, daunting, or onerous. Life is an endless sea of ebb and flow. Things are not meant to stay stagnant. Change is inevitable and imperative for personal growth and spiritual awakening and allows one to open up to receiving new opportunities, paths, and rewarding journeys. The staunch stroke survivor who gleefully enjoys spending her downtime visiting the horsing ranch and archery range is also a former pole vaulter and soccer player and relied on her athletic past to get her through her darkest days during recovery. Valerie also revealed how most of us have, rather, unfortunately, been conditioned to think if we don’t “work hard” or struggle, we won’t succeed or procure all the prosperity and abundance life has to offer. She counters this way of thinking is simply counter-productive, damaging, and not true. Instead, she offers using the context of “play” instead of “work.” This seemingly simple shift in mindset can help open up our minds to infinite inspiration, creativity, and intuition while allowing us to live from our “hearts.” Imagine that! Shift your focus and experience the magic that awaits. Click the video to see the entire, elucidating interview.

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A Little 411 on This Fierce Female


    Born in Quantico, VA, Valerie Sheppard studied at both Syracuse University and George Mason University before making her successful 28-year climb up the corporate ladder, monotonously grinding in non-profit marketing at legendary companies, such as Proctor and Gamble and the Zyman Group. An undeniably indomitable spirit, Sheppard had suffered a debilitating stroke, but refused to let that hold her back from pursuing her dreams and realizing her life’s purpose – helping others manifest their dreams and define their life purpose! She currently lectures on life coaching courses at the University of California – Irvine and is the CEO/Founder of Positive Life with the Heart of Living Vibrantly, which provides exclusive one one-one personal coaching, as well as small-grouped workshops, teleseminars, and special events designed to help those learn to live deeply and honestly through their hearts. Through Valerie’s unwavering commitment to self-fulfillment, positive leadership, and unrelenting compassion, one will learn to live a meaningful and fulfilling life through self-efficacy, while creating and manifesting boundless peace, positivity, prosperity, contentment, and true happiness.

    Valerie is the Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of “Living Happy to Be Me: Dancing Your Soul Lightstyle” and is the recipient of the Independent Publisher Book Award for Self-Help. She is a renowned keynote motivational speaker, revered university lecturer, certified Laughter Yoga instructor, and a recurring member of an award-winning professional comedy troupe. Valerie also co-authored the national bestseller “Everything is Subject to Change.”  To learn more about Valerie and to attend any of her life-changing workshops, visit Be sure to follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of uplifting, motivational quotes from famous women, authors, and legendary world leaders. “Teaching self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love as the centerpieces of high-performance leadership of teams and organizations.”

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