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Sewing Their Oats


These Nine, NYC Knitting Nanas are Taking the Beanie Biz by Storm

Hats off to this group of gifted GoGrandmas who helped to release the third collection of in-demand, by-hand knitwear for female-owned, NYC-based beanie business WOOLN.

    Founded by two French millennial besties, Margaux and Faustine, who immigrated to New York City, WOOLN holds the philosophy that seniors have so much to contribute to the community post-retirement and are (still) invaluable assets to the workforce.  Historically, European culture values and exalts their elderly, and so Margaux and Faustine wanted to bring that same reverence to retirees to the States. With Faustine’s innumerable creative talents and Margaux’s experience in knitting, the dynamic duo knew they could really make a social impact.

Velma - https___www.wearedore.com_lifest
2 - http___www.wooln-ny.com_the-knitting
Hollis - https___www.wearedore.com_lifes

Women of WOOLN

    Started in 2015, the unconventional e-commerce beanie brand just launched its highly anticipated third collection for both men and women.  Each beanie, blankie, turban, and scarf from the grandma-engineered start-up is personally hand-knit by a New York senior knitter – and all using proprietary-grade, luxurious fabrics from Peru.  No two pieces are alike, as each one is personalized and unique and represents a backstory of its knitter. The knitters of WOOLN earn 1/3 of the wholesale price of each item they hand-knit and the lucky buyer of the beanie, blankie, hat, turban, or scarf they purchase is personally biographed and signed by the piece’s maker.  You can put a face to the hardworking hands who created your special, authentic piece by visiting the WOOLN website at

    The resourceful French women procured their talented team of retirees by scouring senior centers all over the New York City area, including neighboring communities.  WOOLN began with just four fervent knitters, and as the company began enjoying exposure and brand awareness in local newspapers and online articles, more and more eager grannies inquired about possible employment opportunities.  Currently, WOOLN employees nine senior knitters – all retirees, all women, all from New York City. Their beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces tell a timeless tale and come replete with the ultimate finishing touch - a little tag tucked inside with the inscription of knitter’s bio and signature.

Annie - https___www.wearedore.com_lifest
1 - http___www.wooln-ny.com_the-knitting
Gloria - https___www.wearedore.com_lifes

“For the first time in years, I can say that I am working!” – Gloria, Senior Knitter for WOOLN

Mindful Materials

    The WOOLN women obtain their premium-grade yarns from Peru, which include Alpaca, cashmere, mohair, and merino.  Margaux and Faustine find that Peru offers the highest quality materials and consistently engages in sound social, eco, and shearing practices while dedicating energy and resources to support rural families who rely on Alpaca harvesting practices for a living.

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