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How this Scottish-born, Savvy Businesswoman is Paying it Forward to Victims of Violence

Aviation to aesthetics, Deborah Alessi previously worked in private aviation, flying to the uppermost ranks, before re-locating to the States where she would make a life-changing career switch. This beautiful, benevolent business woman’s heartfelt story is sure to bring all the feels.

    After achieving an advanced degree in business management from Glasgow University, then subsequently moving to the Middle East to work for the Royal Family of Bahrain, Deborah Alessi soon soared to the upper echelon of the private aircraft company’s management team. The prestigious position afforded Alessi a steady stream of exposure to life’s finer things, including traveling to exotic cities and staying in the most lavish hotels, swag bags filled with sumptuous services and products, and refined, cosmopolitan etiquette. Eventually, Alessi re located to the United States to select, acquire, and manage the aircraft arsenals for a number of famous 500 Fortune companies as well as private brands.

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    Now CEO and co-founder of Beverly Hills-based Face Forward, a unique organization focused on healing and helping the hearts, minds, souls, and bodies of those victimized by domestic violence, abuse, human trafficking, and other dehumanizing and unspeakable acts of persecution, Deborah, her husband David, and their growing team provide emotional support and reconstructive surgery procedures performed by Beverly Hills-based medical experts. Face Forward offers pro bono financial and social resources to survivors of violence who are considering undergoing cosmetic reconstruction while striving to help repair and rebuild the lives of the broken through professional counseling. A refuge for those inhumanely mistreated, Face Forward assists everyone - women, children, and men. Their full-service care package aids survivors by providing surgical and counseling visits, airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, nursing aftercare, medications, and so much more.

    A truly transformative charity, past patients of Alessi’s philanthropic endeavor have gone on to become international advocates for human trafficking and domestic violence prevention, as well as international motivation speakers and even non-profit founders, creating an impactful domino effect of “paying it forward.”

    Alessi employs her past expertise in shrewd business-making, luxury skincare, and global goodwill to positively restore the mental health and physical aesthetic of those adversely affected by the cruelest criminal acts. Deborah and her husband David have served as both board members and benefactors for several non-profits worldwide, as well as other charitable initiatives. According to one journalist, “Deborah Alessi insists Face Forward will not rest until it puts the brakes on domestic violence.”

    To learn more about Deborah and her wonderfully compassionate charity and/or how you can help, please visit As a benefactor, you’ll contribute in the undying mission to support victims of violence, helping them to find a new face – and a new beginning.

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