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Sara Chevere


From Building Brands to Budgets, This Financial Fitness Female Gives GoGirls a Run for Their Money

Okay, GoGirls! We’re quickly rolling into a new year, so let’s have a real heart-to-heart about that dreaded “M” word – MONEY! But, don’t despair, we’ve got a GoGirl who puts the “F” in finances – as in FUN!

Do you:

…worry about the future, saving for retirement, and investing in general?

…want to purchase a home or piece of property, but think it’s a pipe dream with your current income or salary?

…want to pursue your passion project as a full-time business?

…dream of being financially independent, free, and secure?

…find the thought of budgeting boring or burdensome?


If you answered “yes” to some or all of the above, you’re most likely financially unfit and in need of a money diet that will help free you financially – forever.

    Meet Sara Chevere, author of soon-to-be-launched A Man is Not a Plan and founder, creator, and certified coach of The Financially Fit Women and The Financially Fit Network. Sara is also a widely listened-to podcast host, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur who effortlessly and magically takes the pain out of personal budgeting while teaching you smart and savvy techniques to eliminate your debt once and for all, secure your dream job, or start your dream business. She shows you how to “reprogram” your money mindset and debunk long-held money myths, so your hard-earned money can work FOR you and not AGAINST you. Never again be at the mercy of a volatile market, financial downturn, unappreciative boss, or unceremonious job loss. It’s time to master your money and fearlessly take charge of your financial present – and future.


From Spendthrift to Just Thrift

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Sara moved to the mainland, specifically sunny SoCal, over twenty years ago. She worked hard to have it all – a lucrative career in the financial industry, seemingly endless shopping sprees, exotic excursions all around the world, fun with friends, etc. It was like there was no end in sight to all the superfluous spending because the funds were just flowing.  


Until they weren’t.


    In 2008, the financial crisis struck, and the “great recession” set in, leaving Sara abruptly jobless. After experiencing the frustration of one pink slip after another, she also watched her once-big bank account begin to dwindle from the very financial downturn that devastated so many Americans and depleted their retirement savings. This was the turning point that led Sara to explore another option – one that would free her from the confines of corporate America and become an online entrepreneur. Sara saw the crippling economic crisis as an opportunity to finally pursue her passion to help others. With her illustrious career and experience in the finance sphere and vast knowledge of personal budgeting and money know-how, Sara set out to start her own financial coaching business and brand. Sara sought to help “undo” the damaging money DNA that had been deeply imbedded into the minds and cultures of many women – that they were born to breed and nurture, not hunt and gather. The roles of men and women have made an almost 180, with more women than ever before in the workplace, many holding executive and senior-level positions.

Start Over and Start Saving with Sara

It's time to start “training like a man” when it comes to manifesting, making, and managing your money. Sara’s famous coaching course The Financial Freedom Formula covers these four philosophies to becoming a fierce, financially fit female:

1. Shift Your Money Mindset

Your financial woes are psychologically-based. Dig deep and start unpacking the budgeting baggage to find out where your behaviors and beliefs surrounding money stem. You’d be really surprised.  


2. Make a Spending Budget – And Stick to It

This is where you’ve got to personally come clean with your current income and future financial goals, so you can give your money a purpose and direction.  


3. Delay Gratification, Embrace Anticipation

This may seem unthinkable for many women, but you need to be candid about what motivates you to get out of bed every morning and go to work. Is it to stop paying rent to own your own home someday? Do you want to invest in a lucrative real estate portfolio that will provide you both short and long -term income potential? Do you want to finally cross that dream vacay off your bucket list? Do you want to know how to properly save for a rainy day, i.e., an emergency fund? Are you confused about retirement investment options? All of the above? Sara has got your back! When you figure out what you want to save/plan for, putting aside the funds will be less painful and more pleasurable. And, with implementing the right budget plan, you won’t have to forego that fabulous Fendi bag.  


4. Automation is King (or Queen) of Liberation

One of the best ways to reach your financial fit goals is to sign up for autopay/autosave with your financial institution, and you’ll never miss the diverted money being put aside every month. When you finally reach your financial destination, and you’re ready to cash in the accumulated funds, you’ll be so grateful you made the choice, both for yourself and your financial fitness.

    Sara offers a refreshingly unique, fun approach to protecting yourself and your family against unforeseen financial ruin while paying down debt, growing your wealth, and minimizing tax burdens. Learn successful investment strategies and money-saving tips and tricks to begin your own business or brand or buy a home. Sara picks up where educational institutions have, unfortunately, left off. School officials tell you to go to college, but don’t show you how to pay for it; they teach you how to have babies, but don’t show you how to support them. Sara breaks through the common roadblocks that perpetrate financial fear and frustration while helping women to ultimately attain financial freedom, fulfillment, and fitness.


To learn more about Sara and how she can help you start training your money muscles, be sure to visit

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