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The Making of a GoGirl


Give Your MommySpeak a Makeover with These 20 Re-imagined Affirmations

When young mother and blogger Jessica Kromer found herself repeatedly bestowing compliments upon her 18 month-old baby girl that seemed to only affirm the little one’s physical attributes, she purposefully decided to try something new and completely unconventional.

    It’s nothing to apologize for or be chastised about.  Most parents unknowingly compliment their little girls using indoctrinated phrases like, “You’re so pretty” or “You’re my cute little girl.” After all, it’s kind of hard not to when the mere sight of a little girl can melt the hardest of hearts. While parents have been uttering these sorts of seemingly innocuous phrases to their impressionable daughters since the beginning of time, Kromer argues we could unknowingly be doing our daughters a grave disservice in the long run. Telling little girls that they’re pretty or cute or beautiful every so often is harmless, but it shouldn’t be a  parent’s first choice of words when addressing their aspiring GoGirls.


    So, Kromer and her husband thoughtfully compiled a list of 20 non-physical affirmations that focus on one’s “other” attributes, such as intelligence, capabilities, skills, talents, fortitude, and integrity. By articulating phrases that address these non-physical attributes, we inadvertently cultivate positivity, empowerment, power, and purpose within our girls. Now, when Kromer and her husband speak to their daughter, they try to be mindful of the lasting messages they’re sending with their chosen words. They hope their re-imagined affirmations will help their daughter look beyond her physical appearance and towards her intelligence, skills, and heart while growing up – and well into womanhood.

Below is Jessica’s list of 20 empowering affirmations she and her husband use when speaking to their baby girl. Feel free to add your own!

1You have the power to change the world.

3You have a beautiful soul.

5Be yourself – no matter what.

7You are going to move mountains.

9You have a loving heart.

11You have the best sense of humor.

13You are very loved.

15We are proud of you.

17You are deserving of kind words.

19You have an amazing imagination.

2You are unlike any other.

4You’re so smart!

6You have the power to help others.

8You are strong.

10You mean the world to us.

12You have a great laugh.

14You give fantastic hugs!

16You did a great job!

18God loves you.

20We’re thankful God gave you to us.

    When you’re speaking to your little girl – or someone else’s precocious little one – using these uplifting, emotionally-affirming phrases can be exponentially beneficial to her self-esteem, confidence, and resilience.  “The more we give, the better future for our girls and for the world.” -Jessica Kromer.

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