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Cracking the Girl Code:


How this Fervent Fashionista and Lucrative Life Coach Put a Devilishly Stylish, Sassy Spin on Self-help

Care for a glass of Bubbly with your midday meditation? Then, we’ve got the GoGirl for you.

    If you were to put self-help superstar Tony Robbins, legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel, and cult heel and handbag enthusiast Jimmy Choo all into a blender, with a glass full of Champagne for good measure, you’d get Cara Alwill Leyba. And, each succulent sip would be more delicious than the last. While working full-time at MTV as a digital advertising director, NYC-based Cara Alwill Leyba built her booming brand and obsession-worthy blog, The Champagne Diet, long before launching herself as a bestselling author, motivational speaker, podcast host, and master life coach for women and girls. “I knew I wanted an edgy, fashion-forward brand that was rooted in personal development. I wanted to connect with a girl who sipped champagne while she meditated and wasn’t afraid to wear Chanel to a self-help seminar. I didn’t see that anywhere, so I created it.” – Cara Alwill Leyba.


    Leyba is a creative entrepreneur who encourages, motivates, and mentors women and girls to live their most purpose-driven lives while learning to love themselves unconditionally and making happiness an everyday priority. Over six million devoted listeners tune in to her no-holds-barred Style Your Mind podcast for a weekly dose of inspiration, motivation, powerful conversations, hard-hitting interviews, and tips and tricks to help fulfill their dreams of personal and professional success. Leyba also discusses successful goal-setting strategies for “dummies,” time management skills for the “clock-challenged,” and learning how to build personal confidence and high self-esteem that will set you up for success. The launch of her latest self-help handiwork, Girl on Fire, hits virtual and traditional shelves November 11th and is expected to be just as unabashed, illuminating, insightful, fun, and arguably fashionable as its bestselling predecessors.

    Her eight bestselling books, including Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur - Inc. Magazine’s number one must-read for all would-be women business owners - have collectively inspired women everywhere to tap into their feminine power to ultimately fulfill their fullest potential and life purpose. Leyba’s books have been translated into Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Mongolian, and Vietnamese, transcending cultures while breaking barriers for women globally. Featured in Forbes, Glamour, Shape, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire, just to name a few, Leyba’s witty, super stylish, and irreverently edgy approach to personal development and unorthodox life coaching has attracted thousands of women to attend her events and workshops. A breakthrough social media influence, Leyba motivates her hundreds of thousands of followers with daily doses of lifestyle tips, poignant quotes, and innovative brand-building strategies – all with a bottle of bubbly, a pair of red-soled pumps, and a bubblegum pink pout to boot. She has also collaborated with Macy’s, Kate Spade, SoulCycle, and other prestigious brands.


    Her professional life-coaching certifications include 2012-2013 ICF and accredited World Coach International, encompassing CPC (Certified Professional Coach), CWC (Certified Wellness Coach), and CMC (Certified Coach Master Class). The 38-year-old platinum-blonde bombshell boasts 131K followers on her uber-chic, female-forward, and positively pastel Instagram profile. She and husband Ryan Leyba reside in Manhattan.

Cracking the Girl Code: Cara’s Top Tips for Creating the Life, Livelihood, and Love of Your Dreams

    If you’ve been having reveries of a total life renovation, then you’ll want to tap into some of Cara’s top tips and tricks to help get you started. Then, be sure to pick up a copy of Girl on Fire and subscribe to her weekly podcast Style Your Mind for the hottest self-help on the airwaves.

Be willing to hustle – HARD.

Sometimes, that means grinding on your passion projects way after you’ve clocked out of your 9-to-5 gig for the day.

Have creative solutions.

Be prepared to hear “no’s” and have an execution plan for
creative detours. A “no” isn’t the end of the world, it’s just having to take another path to reach your goals.

Ask yourself what you really want.

Be specific. Know what you want down to the most minute detail. Be prepared for some heartfelt soul-searching.

Visualize your future – then write it down in a journal or on a whiteboard.

Imagine what your life looks like from the minute you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow at night. Imagine you’re already living your dream life, doing your dream job, and loving your dream guy.

Do what consumes you.

Work on what you cannot stop thinking, dreaming, or
obsessing about. This is what you’re meant to do. This is your purpose. “Think about what you’re dying to work on. The audience will come when you are true to yourself.” Ask yourself what you can create that will devour you in the best, most positive ways possible.

Stay calm and grind, GoGirls! (And, don’t forget to flash your fashionably functional Louboutins in the process.)

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