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Meet Mina Wang, head of the American chapter of the Asian Pacific Famous Female Federation, a non-profit organization comprised of over 20,000 goal-getting, successful lady bosses, artists, entrepreneurs, brand innovators, and other female-centric women who seek to support women in need by giving back and paying it forward.  Started in 2013 and headquartered in Hong Kong with locations in 25 countries, the Asian Pacific Famous Female Federation promotes cultural diversity and robust trade operations for businesswomen in countries where women are socially and economically undervalued.  The growing Federation helps disenfranchised women and children, including women with limited resources to achieve their goals by raising money through sponsoring extravagant events, such as eye-catching, fashion shows and elaborate benefits.  Mina is over-the-moon about joining forces with GoGirl Worldwide to help unite women in the U. S. and other Asian countries to create some cool, cultural barrier-breaking stuff. 
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A Match Made in GoGirl Heaven:  A Serendipitous Acquaintance Blossoms as a Business Alliance Begins

It all started back on July 5th of this summer when Mina showed up with a close friend to attend GoGirl Worldwide Magazine CEO/Founder, Jennifer Murphy’s, long-awaited launch of her most recent, soon-to-be controversial music video “Star Stuff.”  Unfamiliar with the GoGirl brand and having never met Jennifer, Mina was immediately struck by the former beauty queen’s magnetic personality, unabashed sense of style, and unbridled way of commanding the attention of hundreds in a single room.  Not to mention her obvious classic beauty, singing skills, dance moves, and a mission to bring people together.  Mina felt an instant spark and girl power-like attraction to the irrepressible GoGirl lady boss, and knew she just had to personally introduce herself.  Mina states after seeing Jennifer at her music video launch party, “I knew it was a sign from God to get close to Jennifer and get to know her.”

The following week, Mina and her closest friends hosted a girls-only tea party followed by a scrumptious sushi dinner at her beautiful home in Southern California where the two GoGirls regaled each other with stories of their humble beginnings, Mina’s female-forward organization, and exchanged ambitious ideas on possible, future business endeavors.  After all, the stars seemed to just effortlessly line-up for the “Star Stuff” singer and the Far East entrepreneur, as both brands beautifully align in their unwavering mission to empower, educate, unite, and inspire women from all over the world and from all walks of life.  It was a chance meeting that was simply meant to be, and magic was beginning to unfold!  As the summer issue of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine was in the painstaking throes of production to meet its sizzling, midsummer drop, Jennifer immediately knew she had to offer Mina the coveted cover spot.  And, the fun photo shoot and exclusive interview were booked at the GoGirl Worldwide headquarters in downtown Newport Beach, California.  Jennifer continues to be smitten with Mina’s fearless ability to flaunt her own unique fashion sense, while shining like the star she is.  Mina believes every woman in the world is a “different kind of flower” ready to bloom and is head-over-high-heels enamored with Jennifer and the “can-do” GoGirl spirit. 

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An Enterprising, Uninhibited Woman

A longstanding businesswoman and serial entrepreneur, like Jennifer, Mina has quite a few irons in the fire.  During her exclusive sit-down with GoGirl, Mina proudly showed off some of her most popular products, including the privacy-supported Smart Film with on/off smart technology and robust Nature One Wine.  Mina also talked about her line of timely, bulletproof backpacks and bedazzled phone cases, as well as her mission to work with a diverse collective of manufacturers from all over the world.  Mina even shared the pink spotlight with the exclusive, on-screen introduction of her closest team members at the Federation – world-renowned painter Wendy and Barbara - owner of two beautiful boutiques in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach’s Fashion Island.  All three women work tirelessly to help underprivileged women achieve their dreams of personal, business, and financial success.  Sounds pretty familiar!

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