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Renegades Write the Rules


This Hard-hitting, Sports-savvy Female Entrepreneur Discovered the Human Side of Brand-building and Capitalized BIG

The ultimate goal-digger, this fearless, hardworking woman had a passion for the human condition, while helping others achieve their own dreams of success.

And, it paid off.

    Meet Amy Jo.  A “Jill of All Trades,” this indomitable mover and shaker of all things brand-building has a brag-worthy resume. From podcaster, investor, keynote speaker, and Founder/CEO of Digital Royalty, one of the original, successful pioneers of social media agencies, Amy Jo can also add New York Times Bestselling Author to her list of illustrious accomplishments. The author of “Renegades Write the Rules” and formidable host of the “Why Not Me?” podcast, Amy Jo started Digital Royalty way back in 2009 when social media was just beginning to take shape and advertisers saw the potential selling power the burgeoning platforms could provide.

    In 2012, Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh and NBA star Baron Davis invested in the social media mastermind and her online, brand-building digital venture. Digital Royalty’s main mission was to help struggling corporations and prolific celebrities and sports figures “humanize” their brands through social media channels. Her infallible motto, “Humans connect with humans, not logos” has been her recipe for entrepreneurial success. Having worked with Hilton Worldwide, Dwayne, “The Rock,” Johnson, and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal to effectively bring their brands some much-needed human connection, Amy Jo was ready to take on the unforeseen future and start paying it forward. Even though her revolutionary social media venture enjoyed a lucrative, seven-year run, and grew into 10 different countries, Amy Jo left the digital media agency in 2016 with an impressive, collective social media following of 1 million people, citing, “The future of technology is the future of humanity.” Today, she regularly speaks to audiences as large as 10,000 people all over the world.


    Prior to dipping her curious toes into the mysterious social media waters and eventually diving head-first into the unexpected of the entrepreneurial world, Amy Jo worked for the Phoenix Suns during their 2005-2006 game season, when social media was an unfamiliar phrase.  It was a grassroots effort at its finest.

   As a hard-hitting, assertive female starting a career in a male-dominated industry, Amy Jo developed a personal passion for helping other women thrive and excel in business leadership, while cracking the code for admittance to the elusive “boy’s club.” Recently, she launched Renegade Brand Boot camp – an intensive, information-packed, three-month training program tailored to help female founders, brand builders, business owners, would-be CEO’s, creators, innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs reach both their business and life goals, respectively.

    Amy Jo is an on-going contributor to Harvard Business Review and Sports Business Journal and has been regularly profiled in legendary periodicals, such as Vanity Fair, Forbes, TIME Magazine, New York Times, Newsweek, Fast Company, and ESPN Sports Center.

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