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Make No Bones About It

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How This Top Beauty Blogger and Meditation Maven Turned Trauma into Triumph to Live Her Best Life

After a car accident on a wet night left her paralyzed from the chest down at the young age of 15, Jordan Bone, author of “My Beautiful Struggle” and Kylie Jenner cosmetics co-conspirator, found herself drowning in deep depression and relying heavily on anti- depressants to get through each day. Desperate, she began pursuing YouTube for meditation videos one evening as an alternate relief to her mounting mental anguish. That night, the UK-based blonde bombshell tossed her pills once and for all and never looked back.

    Realizing it was “up to only her” to live her best life, the sought-after motivational speaker and spirited social media personality admits that wheelchair confinement can be unbearably challenging at times. Completely med-free, Jordan, now 30, is a rising YouTube star with over 250,000 thousand subscribers to her beauty/motivational/meditation channel JordanBone89, which she started in 2010 in the mere hope of helping at least one person willing to watch. Her social media channel promotes powerful messages of positivity, personal empowerment, and hope, including uplifting motivational affirmations.

Turning Pain into Pleasure

    After her YouTube following began building, ironically, Jordan became increasingly uninspired with her fashion journalism studies at UCA in Epsom, UK and dropped out, devoting all her time to creating inspirational, uber positive content. With increased exposure, she began raising money for Spinal Research, spoke at schools and universities across the UK, and became an outspoken advocate for road safety and spinal cord injuries. Life can change in a split second. Jordan half-heartedly accepted a ride from a friend during a night of inclement weather, which resulted in a life-changing accident that left her nearly choked to death by her seatbelt and a paraplegic.

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    When one night she found her modest webcam not technically cooperating, she used her unceremonious free time to try her hand at writing. And, on August 23rd, 2013, was born. With the growth of her personal lifestyle and beauty blog, the social media stunner was able to purchase a professional camera and began integrating her love for meditation with makeup, tanning, and tattoos at the behest of her readers. When her legions of fans and devout subscribers began commenting about why she never showed her hands opening compacts or twisting off tops of tubes of makeup in her tutorials, a vulnerable Jordan recorded an emotional, tear-filled video, fittingly entitled “My Beautiful Struggle” (and now a bestselling book), divulging the painful details of her daily struggles and the fateful night that left her wheelchair-ridden with limited mobility in her hands. Unsurprisingly, the heartfelt video instantly went viral and currently boasts 17 million views on Facebook and 5 million on YouTube.

New, Beautiful Beginnings

    Now a full-time YouTuber raking in the bucks, Jordan also collabs with legendary,  cosmetic giants L’Oreal, Urban Decay, and beauty blogger-beloved brand Illamasqua. Her book, “My Beautiful Struggle,” sold out on the first day of its release in May 2017. A true testament to the human spirit and finding triumph after the unthinkable, Jordan continues to dedicate her life to helping others overcome depression, social isolation, and mentally debilitating negativity. She is living proof that “You can live a positive life even through a negative situation.” – Jordan Bone.

You can follow the rising social media starlet on beauty and fashion-filled Instagram feed
@JBone89, on YouTube at JordanBone89, and on her long-running, personal lifestyle blog

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