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GoGirl Goes Half-Pint


How This Sweet, Petite Entrepreneur is Taking a Stand Against Domestic Violence

She may only be three-years-old and barely three feet tall, but this little GoGirl is already making a big impact in her community with her selfless act of charity for local women and babies in need.

    Meet mini lemonade-making mogul, Ava Lewis. She’s this month’s pint-sized GoGirl who’s apparently the big squeeze in her hometown of Durham, North Carolina with her super-cute, lucrative lemonade stand that helped fund much-needed supplies for her local women’s rescue mission. With the help of her mom, Maggie, Ava specializes in making and selling ice-cold, tangy sweet gallons of freshly-squeezed lemonade on the sidewalk in front of her mom’s busy salon.

The Start of Something Sweet

    Back in July, during the hazy, hot afternoons akin to the summers in the South, Ava asked her mom if she could set up shop with a makeshift, miniature lemonade stand. But, instead of vying to buy a bike, doll, or some other special, dream toy with her hard-earned beverage bucks like most of her other kiddie entrepreneur counterparts, Ava instead wanted to raise money for a more caring cause. With all the money she set out to earn selling summer’s beloved beverage, the altruistic tot would purchase diapers, baby wipes, bottles, and other necessities for The Good Samaritan Inn, a transitional facility run by non-profit Durham Rescue Mission, a refuge for women and children fleeing domestic violence.


A Tasty Turnout

    After the local news station heard of Ava’s magnanimous mission, the citizens of Durham decided to pay Ava’s lemonade stand a visit (or two…or three) to help her meet her goal.  And, what started out as selling her homemade lemonade is mini plastic cups soon morphed into selling the sweet stuff by the gallons! In no time, Ava had reached her goal and headed to the local store with her mom to buy boxes of baby supplies, personally delivering the goods to The Good Samaritan Inn. “It just means the world to us to see a young person…that is thinking of others…it is just heartwarming,” said Gail Mills, director of The Good Samaritan Inn.

    With the success of her locally famous and generous goal, the “Lemonade Baby” is just beginning. Due to the overwhelming demand from her community and staunch supporters, Ava and her mother Maggie have set up a business Facebook page – Ava’s Lemonade - where you can follow and support Ava and her future philanthropic endeavors. Currently, Ava is taking orders by phone, email, and social media and has recently begun offering other fun flavors, so get your straws ready! It’s beyond inspiring to see such a young person – a baby herself – getting creative, giving back, and thinking about others.


We’ll certainly sip to that! You go, little GoGirl!

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