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Liz Hernandez


This Rising TV Personality Left a Promising Career to Speak to the
Hearts of People Everywhere

The fresh-faced, Mexican-American television personality, journalist, and former radio host is no stranger to the spotlight. These days, Liz Hernandez has taken a drive along the road less traveled, embarking on her latest career endeavor, one which she has a lot of experience with – words.

    The saucy actress with the girl-next-door looks known for her on-screen talents in Make Me a Millionaire and as co-host on primetime’s long-standing entertainment news program Access Hollywood was quickly moving up the media ranks. Born in SoCal’s Inland Empire, Hernandez moved 50 miles westward to the bright, beaming lights of Los Angeles to launch her career in the highly-competitive entertainment industry. A graduate of the University of San Diego, Hernandez eventually landed a gig as a radio host on Power 106 before moving her on-air prowess to on screen as a host on MTV. Then, E! News came looking for the illustrious Latina. In 2014, Hernandez found herself co-hosting on network television’s tabloid news magazine, Access Hollywood. Hernandez would also go on to appear in various television shows, commercials, and ad campaigns. It was after saying goodbye to tabloid tv that Hernandez wanted to begin a more meaningful chapter in her career – and life. Welcome to WORDAFUL.

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    WORDAFUL is an immersive, socially impactful video and live event series that aims to focus on the importance of communication with the world – and ourselves. “Words give meaning. Words are how we communicate. Sometimes, we throw out words and give no real thought to the power of what we’re saying. I created WORDAFUL to begin the conversation. Let’s start paying attention.” The brand-building beauty created WORDAFUL as a fun, refreshing way to shift our internal and external dialogues for a happier, more meaningful life. Currently, the outspoken platform produces short-form content using share-worthy videos and social media posts, as well as in-person, live, sell-out events to encourage a unique, new way of storytelling in hopes to inspire and connect people through the power of words. Hernandez attributes her motivating messages and life-changing lessons from other celebrated thought leaders of our time, like bestselling author and current democratic United States presidential candidate Marianne Williamson and Paulo Coello. At her exciting live events, she thoughtfully meets, greets, and chats with all her attendees. Each event is a sublime, soul-stirring mix of motivation, meaningful life lessons, personal anecdotes, introspection, intention, purpose, and how to manifest your best self and life.

A Way with Words

    “WORDAFUL is creating a positive change in people’s lives, and in my own, which keeps me motivated,” Hernandez recently told Forbes Magazine. “I truly believe I am serving a purpose that is greater than myself and that gives me the enthusiasm to learn as much as I can to help others.” As an unfortunate, direct result of suffering from debilitating Alzheimer’s, Hernandez’s mother began losing her ability to physically speak. This sobering side effect of a merciless disease that seeks to rob the most precious of life’s gifts, is what initially inspired Hernandez to hang up her hosting heels at Access Hollywood and promote WORDAFUL full-time. “A lot of times, communicating is taken for granted and we become reckless with how we speak to each other. My mom losing her speech made me want to be more responsible with MINE.”

Guanajuato MX.PNG

    Though Hernandez admits she’ll always have a soft spot for the small screen and all the glitz, glamour, and invigorating spontaneity it offers, having launched WORDAFUL helped her realize how much her own life needed a meaningful overhaul. From a passion project to a full-time business endeavor that seeks to compassionately cultivate positivity and change through the power of the spoken word, Hernandez loves the unstoppable energy she gets from growing her own company. Deeply inspired by a traditional upbringing with parents who incessantly instilled loving, supportive messaging through their pointed, purpose-driven language, coupled with her mom’s diagnosis, is what keeps WORDAFUL growing and Hernandez consistently motivated. Being able to tell someone - anyone – how you feel is an invaluable gift to be forever cherished.

    Though grateful for all the amazing, magical milestones she was able to hit during the height of her enviable media stardom, Hernandez is most indebted for creating a company with a conscience – one she produced straight from her heart and even caught the attention of another inimitable media mogul, Oprah Winfrey. Hernandez sees WORDAFUL moving forward and upward by laying one brick at a time. Perfecting her online videos word-by-word, reading more books, fully living life to help make each WORDAFUL event better than the next, and writing every day until the highly-anticipated WORDAFUL book is completed is her trajectory for the WORDAFUL brand growth.


Last Words


    Currently, Hernandez is growing the word wonder brand’s social media presence by creating a platform where creative and forward thinking individuals can share their own personal stories and life lessons on the power of words. Plus, each month, Hernandez gets out her hosting heels by holding live events in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. She is presently looking to bring her WORDAFUL events to other major cities across the United States and abroad while collaborating with other meaningful brands that align with the WORDAFUL mission. Fans and followers should be on the lookout for an upcoming podcast and book, both of which are in the works.

    Hernandez’s advice for Latinas and other aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make it in the media? “Staying true to yourself…Hold onto your authentic voice, not the voice of every other reporter. Be brave enough to be yourself, because what cuts through the noise is being ‘real and relatable.’” Well said.

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