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How This Acting School Dropout Became the Superstar of Her Own Show

    Dubbed the “Tony Robbins Motivational Speaker for Women,” entrepreneur, top podcast host, social media influencer, twice New York Times bestselling author, doting mother of four, devoted wife/business partner, and founder/CCO of the sold-out, female-forward RISE events, Mrs. Rachel Hollis is one VERY busy badass.  And, she’s here to remind you what you’ve known all along.

    Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock the past few years, Rachel Hollis is a pretty big deal these days, especially amongst working women and aspiring entrepreneurs. The ultimate GoGirl with the girl-next-door looks, toothy smile, and California-cool attitude, this brilliant, unabashed self-help guru is the best friend you never knew you needed. The former event planner and lifestyle blogger who fearlessly posted an untouched, filter-free photo boldly baring her stretch-marked mid-drift, while casually posing in a bikini on a sun-soaked beach back in 2015, instantly garnered over 400k likes and social media star status. But, what many may not know, Hollis was already on the path to followership fame with her lifestyle and food blog, Chic Site, which she started years back before blogging was even mainstream or hip. Her cheeky, direct, unapologetic approach to those seeking advice on beginning a business, finding their purpose, projecting positivity, manifesting goals/dreams, or affecting life change, has resonated with millions of like-minded women. Hollis asserts we’re the only ones responsible for our happiness – no one else.

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Because #Lifehappens

    Granddaughter to Oklahoma cotton pickers and daughter of a Pentecostal preacher, Hollis, now 36, was born in small-town Weedpatch, California. After graduating high school one year ahead of schedule, she relocated to LA with the immediate goal of becoming a famous actress and subsequently marrying Matt Damon. Evidently, life had other plans for the starry-eyed goal- getter. After being offered a full-time, paying gig at Miramax Films where she had been interning, she officially dropped out of acting school. The next few years, she continued working in production, where she would eventually meet her husband Dave Hollis, CEO of her media company The Hollis Co. and former Disney executive. Within a few years, the creative duo broke free from the film industry and started Chic Events, an upscale, “glamorous” event planning company – all without any business model, just bravely trusting the process and taking it day-by-day. Hollis really, REALLY loved event planning, which led her to start her blog Chic Site, where Hollis wrote on a “mixed bag” of topics, including the building blocks of starting a biz from scratch, meal recipes, motivational quotes, self-help advice, and personal introspection. The site attracted the Food Network and thousands of followers seeking a daily dose of Zen while scrolling through their social feeds.

    However, it was when she posted that infamous, unfiltered snap on Instagram that her social followership blew up, solidifying her spot on the motivational map.  A featured INC. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 entrepreneur and mom to four kids, Hollis relocated her brood to the ‘burbs just outside Austin, Texas where she began writing her first bestseller Girl, Wash Your Face. The bestseller - part memoir and part motivational advice, sprinkled with bits of bible invocations throughout - was followed by its highly-anticipated sequel, Girl, Stop Apologizing, another audacious, woman-to women handbook that doesn’t disappoint, dishing up refreshingly funny, candid, inspirational stories about life, love, business, and lots of other fun stuff.


A RISE-ing Star

    The cool, casual author, speaker, and podcast host, often photographed in ripped jeans and tee with her signature red, tousled tresses cascading down her shoulders, is a self professed early bird. Habitually rising at 5 am, Hollis relishes in spending the first 90 minutes of her morning time to meditate, journal, and practice the attitude of gratitude – all with a cup of joe in tow. Founder/CCO of growing media company, The Hollis Co., that she and her husband co-operate, offers the popular RISE female empowerment events – the explosive, energetic, 2-day intensive meetups where women from everywhere converge for a weekend filled with inspiration, motivation, real-life stories, no-nonsense, tough talk, and getting your butt in high gear! The syllabus is easy. The first day is about owning your past and the second day is about owning your future. These ladies-only conferences usually sell out weeks in advance. The Hollis Co. serves to provide women with the indispensable tools to achieve their goals in both life and business, to be the best version of themselves every day, and to create lasting, positive change.

Tricks of the Trade

    Hollis’ advice for women wanting to begin their own business: “Don’t follow in my footsteps.  Blaze your own trail.” Everyone has something unique about themselves they can offer to the world. “Don’t do it like I do it. Do it like how you do it,” otherwise you do a grave disservice to your own ingenuity and creativity.  Do YOU. The answers are within us. Rachel attests she is here to gleefully remind you of your potential. And, if you’re building a business, the savvy brand-builder suggests knowing what your customers want, letting them guide you. Pay keen attention to your customers and provide accordingly.


    Although it had a slow start, Girl, Wash Your Face, released in February 2018, eventually shot up the New York Times Bestseller’s List, maintaining a spot in the top 10 in the U. S. for 7 months, selling more than 880,000 copies within the U. S. alone. It was the second-most popular book on in 2018.

    What’s next for the unstoppable business woman?  Look for a clothing line exclusively-designed for QVC due out next spring, plus another bestselling hopeful packed with more soul-stirring stories about women and health.

    You can follow this non-stop, no nonsense GoGirl @msrachelhollis on both Instagram and Twitter and on Facebook at Be sure to browse her juicy, female-friendly, long-standing blog at

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