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Charis Jones

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The Bold, Bright, Sassy Owner of an Award-winning Boutique Spills Her Secrets to Best-Dressed Success

Charis Jones recently hit the million-dollar mark in revenue with her brick-and-mortar boutique and online shopping destination-sensation Sassy Jones Boutique. And, it only took her seven short months! Here’s how the glam gal and self-professed fashionista made it happen.

    After deciding to leave her full-time job as a top salesperson for a Fortune 50 company, entrepreneur and accessory enthusiast, Charis Jones, branched out and opened her very own brick-and-mortar business, Sassy Jones Boutique. Located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, the female-forward shop specializes in the curation of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, including jewelry, clothing, hats, scarves, gloves, and other fashionably functional accents to elevate any look for any taste. The booming boutique that’s a Facebook fave with its weekly “sparkle parties” just introduced a customized collection of mosaic handbags exclusive to the Sassy Jones brand. The eye-catching arm candy is completely handcrafted by female artisans in India and an instant hit with Sassy Jones Boutique buffs.
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    In the everlasting quest to help fashionistas elevate and update their personal style game flawlessly and affordably, Jones insists her unmistakably bold and exuberant brand effortlessly provides the perfect pieces “for the sassy, sophisticated girl-on-the-go.”  The award-winning accessory and clothing marque keep fashionistas faithfully logging in every Wednesday to gleefully “spend and splurge” during the boutique’s “sparkle parties” via Facebook Live. Each week, these follower-packed, online parties easily pull in 10k, so it’s no wonder Jones reached the $1 million mark in just seven, super stylish months. “That night, we hit the million mark and it did not feel like work. I gave that ‘sparkle party’ my all. We only needed $26 to meet our goal. On July 11th at midnight, an order for exactly $26 came in and the order number was the zip code of where I grew up in [zip code] 23703. I sat there and sobbed when we hit it. It happened. We had become a million-dollar business!” she tells Black Enterprise. A cross between QVC and daytime television’s “The Real,” the insanely lucrative and much-loved “sparkle parties” feature Jones and her staff spotlighting the boutique’s hottest, newest, wardrobe must-haves, replete with comedic, closet commentary and unabashed girl chat. Plus, no “sparkle party” would be complete without Jones sprinkling in some styling tips and tricks, while taking questions from her most fashion fervent fans. A burst of brilliant, bold hues and glitz, glimmer, and shimmer are the burgeoning brand’s beloved traits, with a steadfast mission for helping women feel undeniably cool and confident every day of the year – no matter the occasion or non-occasion.

    Brilliantly integrating her brick-and-mortar business with its social media-inspired “sparkle parties” allowed Jones to reach a once-untapped audience on a global scale, ultimately catapulting her business to million-dollar status and shooting her bottom line straight to the top. Not only does Jones seek to sell the most exceptional items, but she also does so by using various, money-making verticals, i.e., foot traffic from the stand-alone shop, an e-commerce website, a shopping app, and her weekly “sparkle parties” via social media. Free, fun, and incredibly ingenious, Facebook has helped millions of entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners girl-on-the-go their marketing trajectories, resulting in massive revenue, increased personal net worth, collaborations and partnerships with other brands, and notable brand recognition. And, now Sassy Jones Boutique can be added to the coveted entrepreneur hall of Facebook fame, too.

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The Bio of a Boutique Babe

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    After ranking as the top salesperson for a Fortune 50 company, but repeatedly getting pink-slipped, Jones finally broke free from the corporate confines to embark on building her own brand and accessory empire. Featured in Fashion Bomb Daily and, Sassy Jones Boutique recently earned Boutique of the Year. Having studied at Hampton University, Jones acquired the necessary skills of differentiation within the marketplace, while learning to cultivate enduring customer relationships. Her uncanny ability to turn happy customers into devoted fans, while implementing creative marketing strategies have been some of the hallmarks to her fast-growing success. Not to mention her sassy, classy, upbeat attitude and savvy sense of style, customers and fans get the whole package with Miss Jones. Jones has also been featured in national campaigns for Motorola, Strayer University, GEICO, and AT&T.

    For the ultimate shopping spree, be sure to check out her website at or join her weekly Facebook Live “sparkle parties” every Wednesday on the site’s profile page Sassy Jones.

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