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Latvia-born Laura Capina grew up in a virtually immaculate environment, devoid of the common pathogens, allergens, diseases, and disorders that are so prevalent in the States.  Never having been exposed to such invasive elements, Dr. Laura decidedly spent her first years in the United States acquiring her PhD in Oriental Medicine and in addition to becoming a certified acupuncturist, nutritionist, yogi, and, most recently, entrepreneur of a proprietary, plant-based super supplement line that’s pretty slick.  

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Omega-3 DHA derived from algae together with some other powerful nutrients and antioxidants in the most absorbable form is the brainchild behind Synerchii’s Plant-based products, formulated exclusively by Dr. Laura Capina.  Synerchii comes from synergy plus chi, which is the infinite life force that connects all things in the universe.  Omega-3 DHA is the most important Omega’s most of us are missing out on, not to mention the most touted supplements containing the rare super nutrient are usually of poor to low quality, as the oil is rarely ever offered in its purest form.  Dr. Laura quickly recognized this unfortunate void within the saturated wellness market and decided to create her own supercharged, super-boosted Omega-3 DHA product replete with a sophisticated, proprietary micelle liposomal delivery system that would provide a first-ever 95% absorbency rate by the body and that also came in fun flavors, like kiddie-approved Tangerine and ice cream topping-perfect Chocolate Almond Butter.  Most Omega-3 DHA oils on the market are not only contaminated due to their marine base, but only allow for an underwhelming 5% absorbency by the body.  Synerchii’s vegan, certified organic, micelle technology means your body is absorbing all the brain-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and other body-bettering benefits with every naturally scrumptious spoonful.  Drizzled on dinner or desserts, Synerchii products are proprietary blended with lichen-based D3 and Vitamin E's most powerful form delta tocotrienols from the Annatto plant, to help fight and protect against some of the most common viruses and virulent infections. D3 is most powerful epigenetic substance known, incredibly powerful to strengthen our immune systems. And delta tocotrienols fraction of Vit. E is the most powerful antioxidant that protects our cell membranes, brain, heart and blood vessels from every day damage, lowers cholesterol and is the most powerful anti-inflammatory.

After visiting India many years ago, Dr. Laura was exposed to the world’s richest and poorest in one enchanting landscape.  India’s apparent economic polarization changed her life.  She was moved by the immense happiness people had while having so very little and it inspired her to earn her PhD in Chinese medicine, as she wanted to learn more about Asian philosophy and culture. She became enamored with science, herbs, and helping others.  A proponent of Chinese herbs for their powerfully healing, homeopathic properties without the scary side effects of their synthetic counterparts, Dr. Laura’s mentors helped her determine which herbs were particularly treasured for their strengthening effects on the human body.  She learned the science behind healthy fats and their bevy of body-boosting benefits in maintaining a healthy weight, optimizing brain function, anti-inflammatory qualities, and so much more. The healthiest fat on the planet, DHA, makes our brain grow, that’s why it’s most important for pregnant women, nursing women and children. It is responsible for the human evolution and increases human IQ. 

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Dr. Laura’s philosophy is “you really are what you eat (and even more what you absorb).” Constantly striving to upgrade your quality of food will result in building a body with the internal engine of a racecar.  Level up your plate, please your palate, and protect your body from the inside out is one of the keys to longevity, stamina, and optimal wellness.  Choose high-quality foods at every meal and make healthier food “swaps” of your favorite, sweet and savory go-to’s.  She created an organic, state-of-the-art Omega-3 DHA supplement that is highly absorbable and by combining with the most powerful form of Vit. E, which is known as most powerful blood thinner and thus could help to protect against blood clots formations, which is common due to the overexposure to radiation from cellular towers and other highly active radiation emissions.  

Dr. Laura’s message to the GoGirl world, “Take care of yourself first.”  The hardworking, single mother always finds time to take care of herself, so she can be her best for her children.  Creating a low-stress, work/life balance is an essential, and often overlooked, part of living optimally.  “The world right now needs GoGirls…GoPeople… in general,” she says, “Stop living in fear and start choosing a higher vibrational energy, like love, peace, and joy.  No more fear.”

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To learn more about Dr. Laura and Synerchii, please visit and use exclusive code GOGIRL15 at checkout for 15% off your Synerchii purchase.  Follow Dr. Laura on the ‘Gram @drlauracapina and @synerchiihealth for a tranquil-inducing mix of motivational messages, soul-soothing snaps, and tips and tricks to living your very best life every day.  

We hope you enjoy our exclusive GoGirl interview with Dr. Laura and gain some insight into the little-known superpowers of the almighty Omega-3 DHA and the most special and powerful form of Vitamin E.  Be sure to stick around for her fascinating demonstration on the unparalleled efficacy of the micelle liposomal delivery system of all her uniquely formulated Synerchii products.  

Here’s to health, harmony, and healing!

GoGirl Interview with Dr. Laura Capina, creator of Synerchii

Demo Video with Dr. Laura Capina, creator of Synerchii

Buy now and use exclusive code GOGIRL15 at checkout for 15% off your Synerchii purchase!

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