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From hair, skin, nails, and next-level make-up, here are the lucky ones that made the list.

    Every year, a new crop of beauty must-have’s and obsession-worthy essentials breaks out on the industry scene promising to perfect, protect, prettify, plump, firm, fill, sculpt, and smooth. Some trends come and go, while others prove they’re worthy of the long-haul, forever revolutionizing our demanding routines and exceeding our wildest expectations. From beauty editors, bloggers, industry insiders, and self-professed beauty buffs, here is a complete compilation of game-changing trends, buzz-worthy breakthroughs, and top product picks that’ll sure to keep you scrolling through your social feeds way past bedtime.

Glossy Make-up

    We’re talking liquid-like lids, lips, and cheeks! Get the glassy, glistening look that was pervasive all over the runways of last year’s fashion shows by dabbing any clear lip gloss or eye gloss over lids, lips, and tops of cheekbones.


Dip Powder Nails

    Available in the salon for years, dip powder nails have recently been becoming more requested. A cross between a regular mani and a fake nail, dip powder nails have been fittingly dubbed “diet acrylics” by celebrity manicurist Erica Marton. They boast longer stay-put power than gel manicures with an easier removal process. We’ll high-five to that!

Fringe Benefits

    Baby bangs are back – BIG!  The ultra chopped, forehead-framing fringes promise wow-worthy payoff if you can pull it off. And, that, ladies, is the long - and the short - of it.


Lash Lifts

    While lash extensions have been trending for a few years now, it’s now time to take your natural lashes to the next level with lush lift-off, or “perming” done by a licensed esthetician. Your curled, doll-like lashes are expected to last a few weeks before another curling session is needed.

Witch Hazel

    We’re going old-school with this tried and-true toner and pore tightener that also purifies, softens, soothes, and cools complexion. Welcome back this skin-perfecting solution to your medicine cabinet – and make-up bag. Newer formulations also come in spray form for invigorating, revitalizing spritzes throughout the day.


Lip Service

    Bright, bold pouts never seem to be out-of-season, but women have been particularly gravitating to a statement making red for their everyday hue. Strike the perfect beauty balance by keeping the rest of your make-up minimal.

Lavender/Lilac Locks

    While the once-omnipresent unicorn trend has (thankfully) reached a saturation point, lavender and lilac locks are up a hair-raising 1,077% on Pinterest alone. If you’re lusting after the pastel-pigmented locks, try a smoky, smoldering shade of lilac for a more subtle, yet elevated edge.


Minimalistic Make-up

    Still haven’t mastered the tricky smoky eye or celeb-coveted contour?  No time to “bake” your undereye concealer all in a modest and hopeful attempt to conquer your unsightly undereye woes? No worries. This year, make-up is all about the “less is more” approach. So, alas, you can step away from the sponge and embrace your natural, born-with-it beauty. “Minimum effort, maximum impact. Not the painstaking, laborious umpteen layers of shadow we’ve come so accustomed to seeing on Instagram,” touts pro-makeup artist Hannah Martin.

Get-Gorgeous Gadgetry

    From hand-held light therapy devices to facial steamers to derma rollers, the beauty tech industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  Next, you’ll see the launch of “smart tools” that track the efficacy of products and regimens, while providing real-time analysis and skin solutions – all from your smartphone. Yes, there’s an app for that.


Skin-Healing Fusions

    As more scientifically-advanced, innovative skincare emerges, formulations are seeking to “correct” instead of “cover-up” our most pressing complexion concerns.

Ampoules and Capsules

    Another skincare secret and a by product of our Seoul sisters of the Far East, ampoules are individually-packaged (and often fully biodegradable) vials containing a power-packed punch of nutrients and active ingredients for the skin. The advantage of ampoules and capsule-form packaging ensures the highest potency and freshness of the product. Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden have already followed suit, so expect to see your favorite formulas arrive in an ampoule form to deliver air tight freshness at your fingertips.


Label of Love

    It’s what’s on the inside that really counts, right? In an effort to further increase awareness about the science, safety, and efficacy behind popular ingredients used in the most sought-after skincare formulations, label transparency will continue to be encouraged, according to the industry’s “skinintellectuals.”

The Convergence of Health and Beauty

    2018 proved to be the year of wellness-driven beauty launches and blurring the boundaries between health and beauty are sure to continue into 2019 as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that inner, mental balance and energies have on their external appearances. From ancient Ayurvedic-inspired beauty to “healing” water to collagen-infused nutritional beauty bars, expect to see more handcrafted, holistic offerings that focus on achieving mental balance and emotional well-being.


Streamlined Skincare

    The rigorous 10-step Korean beauty routine is, admittedly, an exhausting one. So, this year, be prepared for a plethora of hybrid, multi-tasking products that contain high levels of active ingredients, while addressing multiple concerns to streamline your time at the sink.  Hydrate and tone in one. Mask and moisturize in another. Think “skip care” - more highly concentrated products with even more active ingredients.

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