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Vito Glazers Founder of 

Vito Glazers Media

Founder of Glazer’s Media, Vito Glazers is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in the unique talent of reputation recovery and management for brands, online influencers, and other individuals.  The ‘king on how to cancel the cancel culture epidemic” sat down with his good friend and business associate, GoGirl Worldwide CEO/Founder Jennifer Murphy, to offer some insight into his unorthodox career, while offering timeless, eye-opening tips for turning the tables on your YouTube haters.  Find out how to turn controversy into clicks and cash in. 

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Getting a Handle on Haters

Vito suggests the all-pervasive cancel culture that continues to claim another casualty by the day, whether it be a box of cereal, can of beans, pancake syrup, or a beloved beauty blogger, undoubtedly originated from social media and its multitude of platforms that don’t offer consequences for one’s nefarious actions against another.  Social media hands everyone an anonymous microphone to voice their opinion, admonishment, denouncement – whatever – without repercussions, creating a collective cyberbully effect.  The dangerous result is inhibition of creativity, fear of backlash, and a direct assault on the First Amendment.  While Vito is a staunch proponent of free expression, he believes all free speech should come with a price and one should accept the consequences of their words, but not to the extent they be eternally cast to the deepest dungeons and shuttered from polite society for all perpetuity.  This is where he believes cancel culture represents a clear and present disconnect.  Cancel culture is based on a single-sided mob mentality that seeks to conquer and destroy at any and all costs, and in most cases, egregiously lacks civility, respect, and empathy for its victims. The canceled artist, person, product, brand, or company isn’t afforded their side of the story, their argument, or their response, which is deeply disconcerting on so many levels in a supposed “free society.”  But, there is a way to fight back, win the culture war, and survive the online bloodbath.  

Who hates?  Vito suggests the hate-filled mob mentality stems from those who harbor deep, unresolved resentment, hurt, or pain that have really nothing to do with those they seek to cancel.  Though, anyone unfortunate to have been on the chopping block of the merciless social media mob may beg to differ.  It takes some deep, mental re-programming and hard work to wrap your head around ‘it’s them, not me” when the endless conveyor belt of brutal online attacks comes for you.  It’s important to remember you’re never going to please these hateful, hurt people who desperately seek attention by deliberately destroying someone else’s life, and in most cases, livelihood.  Your best course of action is to not apologize or bow down to the mob, but to flip the script on your haters.  Here’s how.  By apologizing, you’re admitting defeat for which you can never truly recover, so don’t do it.  Instead, start by confidently engaging with the unruly opposition by suggesting a civil discourse and/or debate, which will only increase your followership and fanbase.  When you stand your ground, don’t back down, and fiercely protect what you believe in, there’s no stopping you and there is nothing the haters can do to cancel you.  Eventually, they’ll go looking for their next victim or, even better, begin to eat their own.  

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Stronger than Before:  Recovering from Cancel Culture

When Jennifer filmed her first version of the now-famous, self-deprecating “I Want to be a Neenja” video years ago, her business partner, Murphy Beds, dropped her due to the barrage of online hate the company was receiving.  Labeled a “privileged, white, racist blonde,” from her legions of loyal, unrelenting keyboard cowboys and cowgirls, Jennifer subsequently slumped into a deep depression for years following the now infamous YouTube video, only to revive the catchy, comedic song this past year, garnering millions of views on TikTok and becoming an instant social media hit – with even more haters.  But, this time, things were different because Jennifer took the advice of Vito and cashed in on the controversy by not backing down and not apologizing.  Vito had learned of the “racist” ninja video made by “that privileged, white, racist chick” through friends and instantly recognized the clever song when he heard Jennifer perform it live at an upscale restaurant in the Orange County.  He knew it was his only opportunity to meet the funny, talented GoGirl with the catchy tune, so he introduced himself and they became instant friends, going on to do some cool business stuff together for e-commerce brands, like Knotty Knickers, which was featured in GoGirl Worldwide Magazine last year.  Vito was also responsible for bringing much-welcomed testosterone to the pages of GoGirl Worldwide Magazine with our sizzling Hot Docs spotlight.  You can catch his cameo appearance in Jennifer’s latest, soon-to-be-controversial music video, “Star Stuff,” a colorful ode to the dishonest media. Vito is grateful to the haters for allowing Jennifer to continue doing her thing, unapologetically and audaciously, every step of the way.  Moral of the story:  Make your haters your motivators!

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Vito pulled some star-powered strings when he surprised Jennifer, the GoGirl Jeunesse Team, and GoGirl Worldwide staff with the opportunity to be featured for an upcoming pilot, about slaying the cancel culture. The U. K. -based production crew flew into California and filmed interviews between Jennifer and her Jeunesse team members, attendees, and friends.  The filming was followed up with a celebratory after-party, GoGirl style, of dancing, drinks, and a DJ spinning the best tracks.  It was definitely a star-studded, midsummer’s night to remember at the GoGirl HQ and we couldn’t be more thankful to Vito for coming through with his connections.  Admittedly, sometimes it pays to know peeps in high places!  Stay tuned for the much-anticipated airing date of this new "un-canceled series" and catch all the behind-the-scenes footage of your favorite GoGirls!

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A Parting Message

Vito concluded his exclusive, “tell-all” interview with Jennifer by offering some key advice for those who consume news, media, entertainment, or any kind of content – follow the money trail.  There is always a subliminal message being conveyed in everything we consume, so dig deeper.  If you’re an influencer or aspiring influencer, be true to yourself and your audience by aligning with brands and businesses whose messaging and manifesto you personally resonate with.  Don’t be afraid to tell your story and stick to it no matter what happens.  You never know when the S*** is going to hit the fan.   

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