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These Heartwarming and


Handsome Doctors are Sure

to Get Your Pulse Racing

Meet our gorgeous, GoGirl-approved doctor dudes who are making a

difference in the medical field and beyond. More than just hot bodies with killer smiles, these sexy specialists will leave you enamored in seconds.

With an unprecedented, global pandemic that has swept across the entire planet, immobilizing everything and everyone in its destructive path, including countless casualties, overwhelmed hospital stays, unforeseen economic catastrophes, strict, “stay-at-home” orders, and a fury of insurmountable fear, the recent Covid-19 health crisis left us all feeling uncertain about the future and pensive about the present. With so much time to think in the midst of chaos and confusion, it becomes clear what really matters in life and who our real heroes and heroines are. We remain firm in our belief that where there is darkness, there comes light. A super special treat to our GoGirl readers, we’re introducing three of this year’s dreamiest doctors who’ve dedicated their lives to healing, humanity, and animals. Let’s just say, these GoGuys are really testing our patients!

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Dr Hunter Finn pics.png

Dr. Hunter Finn


An ardent animal
lover at heart, Dr.
Hunter is a staunch
advocate for what
he deems a winning
combination of
people and pooches
and how they
represent the perfect
partnership. An
Arlington, Texas-

based veterinarian,

hot doc Hunter Finn

has uniquely integrated human preventative healthcare with the benefits of pet ownership through both his veterinary practice and massive social media reach. Doctor Hunter explains how women and their pups can equally derive the benefits of more fulfilling, healthy, stress-free lives. Think more licks, long walks, and happy times to share. His 160K Instagram following showcasing shirtless snaps with his furry friends will melt any GoGirl’s heart. In February, when the height

of the pandemic began debilitating our everyday lives, Entrepreneur
Asia Pacific Magazine interviewed the all- American, red-blooded vet on why he thinks entrepreneurs should consider becoming

pet people. He cites pets, specifically of the canine variety, have been shown to 

Dr Hunter Finn.png

reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol, the stress hormone, commonly skyrockets in those with high-risk professions, such as entrepreneurial work.Your doting doggie can also help you stay physically fit with the activity and exercise required by our fun-loving, frisky canines, including long walks and beach time. A seemingly short ten-minute walk around the block twice daily can boost metabolism, mood, and immunity. Lastly, Dr. Hunter explains pet owners enjoy reduced blood pressure and heartrates, which are blessings for the busy businesswoman or businessman.

Dr Hunter Finn pict.png
Dr Hunter Finn pic.png

Not to mention, your
loving pooch will shower you with an abundance of unconditional love, licks, and

companionship for many years to come. Why not grab a leash and get a new lease on life with a pooch that’ll endlessly pamper and protect you? Those are the doc’s orders!

Dr. Mike Varshavski

aka "Dr. Mike"

@doctor.mike/YouTube: Doctor Mike

Ladies, if you love a GoGuy who’s tall (he stands at a
sexy 6-foot-three), dark, and handsome, Mr. Mike is your man. Based in NYC, this board-certified, family practice M. D. boasts 3.6 million Instagram followers and 5.4 YouTube subscribers.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 2.57.54 PM.png

And, it’s easy to see why. Besides the obvious– gorgeous, gleaming smile, and GLASSES – this heart-melting medic is a self-described voracious explorer of life and a devoted dog dad. Featured in Buzzfeed and named People magazine’s Sexiest Doctor Alive in 2015, the Russian-born, 30-year-old hosts the weekly YouTube show Wednesday Check-up, a professionally-produced video series where the handsome heartstopper breaks down your most pressing health concerns in a fun, informative, and animated manner. Besides being a sight for sore eyes, Dr. Mike receives our GoGirl seal of approval for his clever ability to balance a demanding medical career and harnessing newfound social media stardom. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 3.08.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 3.08.51 PM.png

With only a business agent and his skilled, savvy photographer/videographer, Dan, to produce and manage his twice-weekly YouTube show, Dr. Mike states his unexpected internet fame is a direct result of his consistent, high- quality video uploads. With spirited women attempting to contact him at the hospital and curious colleagues questioning all those photos taken with fans, Dr. Mike insists that his power to reach millions of people a week regarding important health-related issues has an exponential impact. “The first half of my week, I’m making YouTube videos...the second half of my week, I’m in the hospital doing the things I’m talking about,” he tells Business Insider. He adds, “I took this controversial, superficial angle and allowed myself the platform to talk about things I’m passionate about...If you do something you’re good at and passionate about, money will come in time.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 3.08.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 3.08.26 PM.png

Dr. Evan Antin


Los Angeles-based, sexy, and single, Dr. Evan Antin is a virile vet on a mission to preserve our most majestic wildlife members.  Named People Magazine’s official Pet Vet, Dr. Antin was also featured in the publication’s popular Sexiest Man Alive issue for 2014, 2016, and 2017, respectively. Frequently snapped shirtless while cuddling up to an exotic creature on his massively followed Instagram profile, the 33-year-old Kansas native is actually more interested in animal advocacy than social media stardom. The dreamy doc currently works at Southern California’s Conejo Valley 

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 3.17.21 PM.png

Veterinary Hospital, while also traveling the world to treat wild, exotic animals. He is renowned for diagnosing and healing wildlife in the most remote areas of the world where animal doctors are scarce or unavailable. “My personal goal is to spread awareness about orphaned rhinos, and that’s where I can do the most good. I also like to help with the veterinary work, which is what I live for and that is a passion of mine,” Dr. Antin recently told Forbes Magazine.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 3.17.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 3.17.39 PM.png

From traveling with gorillas in Rwanda to researching hippo aggression in Tanzania to a frighteningly close encounter with a wild male orangutan in Indonesia, this virtuous vet is fearless both in the field and at the office. His upcoming pet wellness line, Happy Pet, features holistic, healthy pet products that are creative and, of course, cruelty-free. Even though Dr. Antin is busy providing dental work to monkeys or operating on cheetahs, this wildlife-loving lady killer has dreams of hosting his own television show where he treks the planet, saving one exotic creature at a time.

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