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– How Huda Kattan is Making (Really) Big Bucks in the Beauty Biz

    For the Iraqi-American makeup mogul who went from managing finances to formulating foundations in just five years, it’s all about her followers – and family. It may seem like Instagram sensation Huda Kattan went from managing money to making makeup overnight, but this Oklahoma-born beauty who successfully built one of the industry’s biggest beauty brands started from humble beginnings. Thanks to her younger sister Mona’s undying support and relentless encouragement, Kattan took a leap of faith that would land her fame and fortune amidst the world of flawless, shimmer-infused foundations and liquid lipsticks. See how this GoGirl broke free from the shackles of her safe space and made all her most beautiful dreams come true.


    Born in 1983 to Iraqi parents, Huda would go on to attend the University of Michigan-Dearborn where she would earn her degree in Finance.  For the next several years, she labored within the stable, reticent confines of cubicles, pantsuits, and pantyhose. Though she earned a comfortable living much to the approval of her traditional immigrant parents, the nine-to-five life wasn’t where Huda’s heart was at.  A former beauty pageant contestant, Huda had bigger dreams - particularly of the creative type - but was clueless as to how to transition from corporations to cosmetics. Disillusioned by the increasingly unfulfilling “day job” life, Huda eventually took her supportive sister’s advice and headed to Los Angeles to embark on herbeauty career as a pro makeup artist.  After attaining her makeup artistry education, the future entrepreneur would paint the famous faces of Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria, and countless others. With a plethora of tips and tricks she acquired from working with the most renowned artists, models, actors, photographers, and other industry leaders, Kattan decided to take her beauty secrets social and started the WordPress-based beauty blog  It was the creation of that would eventually catapult the 35-year-old beauty guru into cult cosmetics star-status.  


Followers with Benefits

    Constantly interacting with her growing base of loyal followership, Huda enjoyed their comments, suggestions, accolades, and demands for product creations.  So, in 2013, Huda created a set of false eyelashes, the same faux fringes that would be famously worn by another makeup mogul, Kim Kardashian West. Beauty retail giant Sephora picked up the product andthe Huda Beauty brand was born.  To this day, her eponymous, best selling line of trend setting product picks is created based on the demands and suggestions of her dedicated social media family. Huda is big on delivering the best, game-changing products her fans want or need.  It is the bedrock of her brand’s philosophy. It’s like having a product development department minus the badly-lit conference room and copious cups of coffee.  

In the Works

    Huda and her team, which includes her sisters and husband Chris, recently began a reality web series fittingly entitled Huda Boss, a Facebook Watch program that chronicles the day-to-day duties, operations, and challenges of running Huda Beauty, including Huda’s struggles with maintaining a healthy work-life balance.  What’s next for the ever-expanding beauty brand? Aside from weekly, requisite social media content creation and PR projects, Huda and Co. are excited to introduce a first to the line – a fabulous fragrance is slated to launch later this year.  And, of course, more makeup! The ultimate slaying sisters, Mona continues to be a daily, integral source of inspiration, love, resolve, and creativity for the bombshell beauty businesswoman.  


The Journey of a Beauty Brand-Bound GoGirl


    By 2019, Huda Kattan had impressively amassed more than 3 million Instagram followers, ranking #1 on the 2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List and earning an astounding $18,000 perpost for sponsored content. Forbes declared the financier turned makeup magnate one of the“10 most powerful influencers in the world of beauty” and was chosen as one of the “25 Most Influential People on the Internet” by Time magazine in 2017.  

    Currently based in Dubai, Huda Beauty brings the hottest, most innovative products to legions of beauty buffs everywhere, including an endless smorgasbord of pro makeup artist must-have eye and cheek palettes, liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeshadows, luxe lip liners, highlighters, concealers, foundations, eyelashes, and Insta-famous “baking” powders – the Kim Kardashian-inspired trend that magically conceals dark eye circles.  


    Huda resides in Dubai with her husband and business partner Chris Goncalo and their daughter Nour Gisele.  Following daily routines of back-to-back meetings, photo shoots, and content creation, Huda and her husband make it a mission to balance work and family life by setting aside family time every single night. Huda’s much deserved downtime consists of soaking in long bubble baths while listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and meditative flute music.

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