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 Wellness TRENDS


The wellness warriors and health heroes at Vogue have judiciously compiled the seven emerging health and wellness trends that will sure to kickstart all your New Year’s resolutions for sound mind, body, and soul – all with a holistic and harmonious approach to achieving your healthiest YOU yet.

Check out these new, innovative health trends that just may be worth the hype:

IV Boosters

    Get hooked up – and healthy – with a supercharged boost of revitalizing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants through a safe, fast intravenous shot. These “drips” provide a week’s worth of vitamins in a single, IV dosage and are all the rage amongst medi-spas and wellness centers. From fighting fatigue to curing a hangover to getting biotin and antioxidant-infused beauty blend to building muscle mass, these “cocktail of nutrient” infusions are your best shot to realizing your health resolutions while supporting your immunity system and putting a pep in your step. According to New York based integrative medicine specialist and creator of celeb-obsessed Cleanse program Dr. Frank Lipman, IV treatments have been used for over 20 years. Who knew?




CBD, scientifically referred to as cannabidiol, is making major breakthroughs in both the beauty and wellness industries, garnering attention from the most dedicated wellness purveyors. Most recently found in body balms and oils, including oral supplements, CBD focuses on alleviating anxiety, reducing stress, and providing anti-inflammatory properties throughout the body – all without the adverse “stoner” side-effect. “It is clear stress and anxiety are pervasive in our culture and often precursors to other ailments…It’s about balancing, leveling, and soothing sensation in the body,” according to Gabe Kennedy, founder of U. S. -based Plant People.

One-Stop-Shop Wellness Hot Spots

    Popping up all over NYC and other metro cities worldwide, these boutique-like health and wellness centers provide an all-in-one stop for holistic services, such as acupuncture, yoga, and individual consultations. Get personal, prescribed plans that uniquely combine both Western medicine and ancient, Eastern healing practices and address a multitude of health challenges – with every practitioner in one place. One can have access to hormonal experts, Pilates instructors, and even Instagram-famous Buddha bowls!




    While counting macronutrients (fat, carb, and protein intake) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) have been fads for a few years amongst fitness bloggers and social media stars, the next thing you’re sure to be counting will be mesonutrients. Mesonutrients focus on the compounds of active ingredients found in foods, herbs, teas, and other provisions. For example, curcumin is the super-compound found in the trending turmeric spice, responsible for its yellowish hue and its bevy of body and beauty benefits.

At-home Personal Trainers

    A company called Mirror is currently breaking ground in the fitness space by developing a steel-framed “mirror” that live-streams fitness classes and daily, motivational mantras. CEO and founder Brynn Putnam told Business Insider, “Studio classes are great for high-quality, hands-on training, but are often draining on time and budget. We’re creating a personalized experience with the best trainers and classes around the world, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of a workout – whenever and wherever they want.” It’s taking #MotivationalMondays to a whole new level.




    Moving into the metaphysical realm, crystals have been making a plethora of appearances in the social feeds of beauty bloggers over the past year with facial rollers that promise to de-puff, plump, pamper, and prettify – all before your first morning mug of macchiato. Now, skincare companies are ingeniously blending semi-precious stones into their proprietary formulations to help balance internal energy and heal the skin from within. A fave of make-up mogul Charlotte Tilbury, rose quartz, amethyst, and malachite-infused skincare synergizes with the formulas’ active ingredients to target aging while boosting self-esteem. Beauty with benefits? We’ll roll with it!

No-Stress Sweat Seshes

    HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions leaving you more stressed and depleted than before you hit the mat? You’re not alone. Studies have shown that while HIIT workouts release feel-good endorphins and belly-busting results, they also release the stress hormone cortisol, which jumpstarts the body’s innate flight or fight response. This vicious cycle can undo the positive, body benefitting effects of your sweat session. So, innovative training tools, such as OmegaWave worn around the torso while working out to analyze exact physiological state and Oura Ring worn around your finger to monitor sleep, both provide feedback and analysis to help tailor your training to meet your specific, most optimal physiological needs. You’ll find not every trip to the gym needs to be all-out heart-pounding. Some days, low-to-moderate intensity exercises like Pilates, Barre, or Yoga will do the trick and still help you reach your fitness goals.

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