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This 99-Year-old Yogi Spills Her Simple Secrets for Zoning in on Your Zen

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Take it from this soon-to-be centenarian and stop getting “in the way” of your own life. No meditation app required.

    “Every morning, I wake up and say this is going to be the best day of my life – and it is.”  When one hears her daily affirmation, they cannot help but truly believe it. Meet the mindfulness maven who proudly marched alongside Gandhi at the precocious age of 12 and began an interesting friendship with legendary Hollywood hottie and timeless screen siren Marilyn Monroe(yeah, we’re just a little bit jealous!).  A few years back, 99 year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch, fittingly dubbed “the world’s oldest yoga teacher,” spoke at NYC’s Core Club where she was interviewed by Women’s Entrepreneurship Day founder Wendy Davis about her secrets to staying in the zen zone, including her surprisingly “simple” keys to achieving daily happiness,mindfulness, and peace.


    Here are some words of wisdom from the tiny statured, wonderfully enchanting, long-time yogi who undeniably radiates peace, love, empathy, and true, unadulterated happiness.  Instead of sitting crossed-leg in silence, tirelessly trying to detox your mind of the incessant clutter and failing miserably while doing so, Porchon-Lynch offers this alternative, more effective approaches to achieving your zen:

Don’t Dwell on What “Might” Happen

    Shift your focus to all the great things that CAN happen each day. Every day is a new opportunity. Not-so-great stuff is going to happen regardless. That’s just, well, life. It doesn’t mean you need to let the crappy stuff take up space in your head rent-free. Imagine all the amazing, life-changing things you can be rewarded with every single day. It’s totally possible. Observing WWII fighter pilots live fearlessly influenced Porchon-Lynch’s positive, life-affirming perspective.  

Begin Each Day with Bold Bliss

    Wake up each morning with a sincere smile on your face. (Okay, okay, but first, a frothy cup of
cappuccino!) It may take practice in the beginning, but stay vigilant. Eventually, you won’t have
to remind yourself. It’ll just be.

Take that, #motivationalmonday!

Don’t be Judgmental

    You never know where someone has come from, what they’re going through, or where they’re headed. It’s easy to cast your eyes downward on someone’s socioeconomic status without knowing all the facts. You can learn a lot – from anyone. She regales with an unforgettable story her uncle once told her about a farmer who was unable to read or write. “He may not know how to read, but he knows more about the earth than you do.” Great point! Everyone has a purpose. Listen and learn. 

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