Meet Our GoGuy with a Heart of Pure Gold

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Philanthropist and Modern Day Super Hero Who Has Helped Put  Child Predators Behind Bars on an

International Scale

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This issue of GoGirl Worldwide is super excited to shine the bright, pink spotlight on a very special, unforgettable GoGuy.  Serial entrepreneur, CEO, businessman, industrious innovator, patented inventor, and tireless philanthropist Robert Lotter of Orange County, California, embodies the unbridled American spirit.  Born autistic, coupled with a traumatic childhood accident, didn’t stop this determined, goal-getting guy from achieving the quintessential American Dream, while helping others in the process.  Meet the man who’s always been ahead of the curve with some of today’s most technological advancements, a lifelong supporter of veterans with a heart for humanity, children, and animals, and the magnanimous message he has for all Americans. 

Just conversing with Robert Lotter for an hour, one will quickly learn this amazing man not only possesses many talents, but many irons in the fire.  Exuding conversational eloquence, with a positive, entertaining personality, Robert’s story isn’t one you read about every day.  His unique, unconventional approach to challenges in both life and business using austere, military-style probing, testing, and problem-solving, while employing “patterns” has afforded Robert a myriad of unparalleled entrepreneurial achievements.  He attests his secret to success to his deep reverence and unwavering dedication to the protection and empowerment of people – and pets!  We had the honor to sit down with the distinguished Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year who left us feeling inspired, hopeful, educated, and motivated. 

The Road to Recovery Leads to the Road to Riches 

Born in the Midwest to a pair of modest, lower-middle class parents, Robert was the son of a man who worked for a military contractor, which inadvertently exposed him to the rather unorthodox, military-style processes that would become the nucleus of Robert’s award-winning ingenuity, subsequent industry accolades, and widespread media attention.  Suffering a brain injury after being struck by a car at the age of eleven, Robert went from being a creative, precocious kid to socially inept in an instant.  With the help of his committed schoolteachers, Robert began practicing algorithms, repetitive sequences, and “patterns” to help re-build his brain!  His exceptional road to recovery led Robert to enlist in the Unites States Army following college, where he worked on the U. S. Nuclear Program as a Maintenance Chief and instructor, awarding him the coveted Army Commendation Medal, twice. 

His resolute respect and personal gratitude for today’s teachers, often a thankless occupation, led Robert to develop some of today’s most remarkable, revolutionary mobile technologies, including cyber-bullying protection program KidsSafe, and most notably, RADAR, an innovative law enforcement application, which was deployed worldwide and employs advanced software applications and forensic data to catch pedophiles and would-be child predators. This cutting-edge innovation creates “patterns” in children’s mobile devices, leading law enforcement directly to child traffickers.  Next came My Mobile Watchdog, which parents use to monitor and protect their children from online strangers and potentially harmful applications that could jeopardize their safety. Long before the advent of smartphone technology, Robert’s life-saving innovation has been replicated countlessly by law enforcement all around the globe, spawning a media tour that included appearances on Dr. Phil, CNN, Good Morning America (GMA),and The Today Show, including glowing write-ups and raving reviews in The New Times, The New York Post, LIFE Magazine, TIME Magazine, and a plethora of other fabled publications.

In keeping with Robert’s fastidious determination and drive to innovate and ideate, he later created the award-winning Pie vs. Pyramid investing tool, which garnered the attention of acclaimed educational institutions, like Chapman University, ultimately earning a nomination and the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Most recently, Robert has been emboldened by America’s broken healthcare system and is launching virtual medicine solution, making it his mission to make healthcare TRULY more affordable and attainable to everyone, most specifically the unemployed and underemployed. 

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The GoGuy With A Heart of Pure Gold

Yet, the buck doesn’t stop there. The list of accomplishments, adventures, and altruistic initiatives is a lengthy one.  We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the many benevolent missions this selfless man is on.  Aside from enjoying the fruits of his labors and the abundance his incomparable ingenuity, discipline, drive, and propensity for life-changing, impactful innovation have afforded him, Robert is an avid motorcyclist and bicyclist enthusiast and possesses an infrequently used pilot’s license that allows him to fly jets solo, without a co-pilot!  His affinity for our furry friends has inspired his on-going involvement with horse and dog rescue organizations.  Although a Newport Beach resident, Robert also operated an impressive 300-acre ranch – home to rescued horses – and flew voluntary search and rescue efforts in his copter all over Deschites County, Oregon.

A longtime champion of America’s brave veterans, Roberts is an active advocate and contributor with the revered veteran initiative Wounded Warrior Project, which seeks to support our injured servicemen women and their families, as well as Patriots Promise, which assists disabled vets with their legal needs. Robert has volunteered to transport wounded vets to their families or to receive their required medical attention when traditional military transportation wasn’t readily available. 

Another Path To Financial Freedom

Robert’s current, highly anticipated endeavor is sure to outshine even the highest of gold standards.  He effectively helped design and implement a groundbreaking, fully digitized Gold U. S. Dollar backed by the U. S. Mint, American Gold Eagle one-ounce coins.  Robert’s contribution to alternative investing could help librate the investor from private banking limitations.  Robert’s goal is to encourage all Americans to experience the truest form of the American Dream without being a slave to corporate banking overlords, ultimately gaining unlimited financial freedom from anywhere in the world. 

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A GoGuy's Meaningful Message

A proponent of people, animals, veterans, and everyday Americans, Robert left our conversation with some unforgettable, inspiring, and encouraging last words.  With Middle America still reeling from the devasting economic effects resulting from the Covid pandemic, he suggests we all help one another by investing in each other’s respective businesses this holiday season and beyond.  “Instead of giving our hard-earned dollars to retail empires like Amazon or Target, why not give our money to our friends by supporting their businesses, services, and buying their products through network marketing?  Let’s bring Middle America BACK!”  We couldn’t agree more and what a fantastic idea!

Frankly, this spotlight barely scratched the surface of this accomplished, self-made man’s stellar life.  To learn more about American investor and award-winning financial entrepreneur Robert Lotter and how he can help you reach your financial goals and realize your own American Dream, be sure to visit

Thank you for sharing your time with our GoGirl readers, Robert.  This has been a golden opportunity!