Keeping Up With Baby Liberty

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Keeping Up With Baby Liberty is no easy task. In fact, this pint-size jet setter has visited more countries and states than most retirees have in their entire lives. She is our youngest GoGirl ever, and she is breaking records by land, air, and sea.

So where in the world has Liberty been since we introduced her to our readers in the August Issue?

    Stop number one; she was saving the world, of course! At the end of July Baby Liberty was hosting a virtual lemonade stand to raise money to help support orphaned children around the globe. We visited Liberty's Instagram page, where she said, "I've visited several orphanages and really like the kids I've met." @liberty.weeks

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    Baby Liberty is even more on the move, as she's taken her first steps! Not too shabby for a 10- month old, jet-setting tot! Plus, she got to test out her dad's new plane by visiting both sets of grandparents in Colorado and Iowa.

    By August, Liberty was in Iowa gardening with Grandma. But the exciting part, aside from the delicious organic veggies she harvested from Grandma's garden, was that Liberty began to take her first steps! She can travel by plane, train, boat, and automobile, but now she's testing out the "heel-toe express."

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    Just when we wondered if this little GoGirl ever takes a break, we found her in the city that never sleeps...that's right, Baby Liberty was in New York City visiting The Lady Liberty. She has her entire life to rest. In the meantime, she enjoyed the sights and sounds of the bustling Big Apple.

    Then, she headed to the U.K. to help make an impact on keeping the planet clean and made a special appearance at The Explorers Club, a band of adventure-seeking individuals who have reached the highest summits of mountains, the lowest depths of the seas, and stepped upon the Moon's surface! Liberty was then extended a special invitation to be an official member of The Young Explorers Club, and we think she definitely has what it takes!

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    This week, she slowed it down a bit to reconnect with nature during her first camping trip in Utah. From fun on the lake to the sparkle of the stars above the campfire, Baby Liberty reminded us that it's essential to slow down a little and enjoy the peace and joy that nature has to offer.

    Liberty rounded out the month with a visit to a hot air balloon festival, visiting friends in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Hamptons in New York. She awaits as her dad prepares their family aircraft for its first trip to Europe!

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    To Be Continued...Follow the heel-toe travels of Baby Liberty as she sets out to visit 100 countries by the age of one. On Instagram @liberty.weeks or in the next issue of @GoGirl_Mgz