Baby Liberty

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Follow the world-traveling chronicles of our first-ever, on-the-go GoBaby who’s making new friends, melting hearts, and making it her mission to wipe out pediatric malnutrition along the way!

    Inspired by another record-breaking, traveling tot, professional jet-setters and self-professed adventure-seeking couple, Joby and Stephanie Weeks, wanted their newborn baby girl to not only experience first-hand as much of the world as humanly possible, but be the baby who would give back.

    Meet little Liberty.  She’s probably the world’s youngest cosmopolitan, world-class traveler, having successfully visited 50 states within the first 43 days of her brand-new life. The youngest recipient of the 2020 edition of the All Fifty States Club, proud parents, Joby, 38, and Stephanie, 37 – ardent investors in the cryptocurrency (bitcoin), new energy technology, and nutritional supplement spaces, respectively – never imagined such an ambitious achievement for their newest family member. After all, the mere thought of contemplating such a seemingly painstaking pursuit would send most first-time parents flying into a state of perpetual anxiety tinged with unrelenting disquiet. Read: the trials and tribulations of TSA mixed with a restless infant on a cramped, overbooked flight. Enough said.

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    A few weeks prior to giving birth to Liberty, Stephanie had read about the amazing story of Harper Yeats, the Canadian baby girl who had broken a world record by traveling to all 50 of the United States within the first 5 months of her life.  About to burst at the seams with little Liberty, a 9-months pregnant Stephanie would find herself ruminating (and ruminating and ruminating) on Harper’s inspiring story – obviously more than she had planned.

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A GoBaby is Born

    And, so on October 22nd in Galveston, Texas, baby Liberty was born at home via two midwives, a doula, two doctors, and all under the supervision of veteran politician Dr. Ron Paul (yes, THE Ron Paul). Like they say,  there’s no rest for the weary, because within a short 24 hours, Stephanie had readily packed a few bags stuffed to the brim with baby basics, like bottles, blankies, diapers, onesies, and other baby must-have’s and she and little Liberty hit the open road in a rented RV headed for Cedar Rapids to meet her excited grandparents for the first time. With Joby off on another business excursion, Stephanie had a lot of drive time ahead of her – and a lot of time to reflect. It was during this new mom-and-new baby road trip that got Stephanie seriously considering crushing Harper’s roving record. Having continually traveled the world for both work and pleasure, this wouldn’t exactly be an impossible feat, plus the wanderlust-ing Weeks could introduce Liberty to all their family and friends all over the country along the way. Seemed like a sensible plan. Though Joby initially had reservations about his newborn baby girl embarking on voyaging all over the country, plus not exactly digging undergoing yet another cross-country road trip, it didn’t take long for him to get on board – literally! The goal was 50 states in 50 days. They had this!

Weeks and Weeks of Wanderlust

    Stephanie and Joby have been traveling all over the world nonstop for more than a decade. Having crossed off one bucket list landmark and adventurous expedition after another, the globetrotting twosome has managed to visit 1,241 cities and 152 countries, most of which are eloquently documented on  Incredibly, they hadn’t spent more than a week ANYWHERE in the past 11 years! While 95% of their continuous travel is business-based, they don’t forget to sprinkle in a little sightseeing here, back-packing there, and bike-riding over there, excitedly engrossing themselves in a variety of different cultures, lifestyles, and customs.

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    The Weeks’ motive for the mobile life is the invaluable education one receives when immersing oneself in different cultures and lands – one that a formal education simply cannot offer. Exposure to real-life experiences, enriching diversity, different languages, feasting on exotic foods, and interacting with interesting people offers unique perspectives, compassion, and global awareness – all lifelong values they wish to instill in little Liberty.  And, all without getting stuck in the proverbial rut and routine-on-repeat way of life. Every day is different and there is no rush - just savoring every second of their blessed life is what means most to Joby and Stephanie. Plus, countless mementos, keepsakes, and tokens depicting all their travels await little Liberty to cherish as she grows up.

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    Texas congressman, libertarian icon, and obstetrician by trade, Ron Paul, which Joby was a staunch supporter, was personally requested to attend the birth of Liberty, hence her free-spirited name. This being one of the innumerable globetrotting tales, all accompanied by captivating photographs, memorabilia, and Instagram-worthy videos filled with world-famous, historical landmarks and famous figures, like fellow serial investor and airline tycoon Richard Branson and others.

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Mission Impossible

    The Weeks trek virtually daily, either by air, rail, ship, car, and even submarine! Having recently purchased a private plane to avoid the woes and worries of journeying with an infant, like standing in long lines in the TSA and contending with exasperating fellow travelers, Joby insists traveling by car or rail are really the best ways to soak up as much of the splendor and stunning imagery of the land. “Rather than reading about Greece – go there…Our motto is go everywhere and do everything,” Joby tells The Gazette. We must mention, in a modest attempt to offset their continuous carbon footprint – and the side-eye glare from aggressive environmental activists – the Weeks mindfully purchased a prodigious hemp farm.


    Assiduous purveyors of health, fitness, and wellness, the Weeks depend on nutrition packed supplements to fuel their jetlag-filled flights, road trips, rail rides, and other adventurous escapades – even baby Liberty gets child-safe supplements crushed in the contents of her bottle, unbeknownst to the wee wanderlust-er. Thus, the other goal for the world-bound, record-breaking baby. In all the countries and cites the Weeks visit, little Liberty gets to spend some time with orphaned children. Before Liberty was born, Joby had been involved with an exclusive nutrition product line, and so a portion of those proceeds go to children in orphanages all around the world. The mission is to wipe out malnutrition in every child, a worldwide epidemic that can be completely and easily eradicated. The Weeks are steadfast crusaders in helping humanity to break free from disease, the debilitating banking/debt structure, commercialized electricity, and pediatric malnutrition, just to name a few.

A Benevolent Baby Serves up Some Sweet Support

    Having realized a lot of their friends, family, and social media fans from all corners of the globe would be following their voyaging ventures, Stephanie figured this could help affect powerful change. A sobering statistic shows 5 million children worldwide perish due to unnecessary malnutrition. To put it bluntly, that is one child every six seconds! With a precious newborn of their own, along with their impending globetrotting goal to break Harper’s record from the year before, this entire undertaking took on a whole new meaning for the Weeks. So, as they proceeded along their spontaneous jet setting travels, crossing off one state after another (with pics and dates dutifully attached for verification purposes!), they welcomed their social media followers to donate to reputable children’s charities. And, Liberty’s Lemonade was birthed as a fun, super sweet way to raise money for disadvantaged children.

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Mission Accomplished

    Having started in an oversized RV from Texas to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, up to Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, then touching down in the northeastern states, with the remaining Midwest by last November, the final leg of Liberty’s voyaging ventures included flying to Portland, Oregon, driving to Washington, taking flight to Alabama, and concluding in what Mark Twain famously dubbed “the world’s most beautiful chain of islands,” Hawaii – on December 2nd and eight days ahead of schedule! “Young Liberty is the youngest member of the ‘All Fifty States Club’ for visiting all 50 by the time she was only 43 days of age,” club President Alicia Rovey confirmed. And, she’s just getting started!

    As of this feature, little Liberty is growing up fast and has gone international. She’s now 8 months old and has since scratched off more covetous territories from her baby bucket list, including four continents and 31 countries. You go, baby GoGirl! To see where this on-the-move GoBaby and her amazing parents have been yesterday and where they’re jet-setting to tomorrow, be sure to follow little Liberty’s exclusive itinerary on Instagram @liberty.weeks.

Bon Voyage, ‘Lil Liberty!